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New Kitty Questions

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Me again!

The new kitty (still can't figure out a name for her ) is behaving differently now.

I brought her home Tues night, went to work Wednesday and came home to her that night. Both those days she was a cuddlebug, purring non-stop, wanting to be all over me. Today is different. She is expresses so-so interest in me. Lets me hold her but doesn't purr or cuddle up. She likes to lie on the counter by the sink on a towel I put there for her or on the floor in her blanket. She went crazy over the feather on a string toy, though. Was very serious about catching her prey, strutting around like she just caught a hawk.

She is so thin. I can't figure if its adolescence, starvation or just her body type. She has a llooonnngg body and long legs. When I'm holding her and she wants down, she just flops over backwards and waits for gravity to take her down. She just flops. Flops down. Flops over. Odd little thing. So different than Sebastian ever was.

Her litter box habit is perfect for now. Pooping and peeing so that is good. Eats well. Liked the Merricks yesterday, just nibbles on it today.

Also, her eyes always seem to be dialated. I am hoping it is due to being in the bathroom, even though there are lights on. Maybe she is upset at being in the bathroom and that's why she isn't lovey? The first night in there, she tried to ram through the door but hasn't tried since.

So, do you all think she is okay? I am trying to work some magic and get her in to see the vet tomorrow evening after work.

Here's a funny photo of her
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She is a cutesy! Lets see what the vet says first........
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I would take her to the vet. At that age, things go very quickly and even though she might seem not to have obvious symptoms, she can't tell you what she's feeling and might appreciate being seen. It's certainly not possible to (or smart) to try and guess what's going on over the internet.
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yep, she is going to vet this evening. Just thought someone here may have knowledge of some of these things. thanks!
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