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Rescue Remedy experience?

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Has anyone used Rescue Remedy or similar? We're going to be moving soon and Buddy tends to be rather skittish about changes, so I wanted to get something to make the process easier on him. Do you think Rescue Remedy (the one I can get is actually called "Animal Rescue" and it's made by "Canadian Forest Tree Essences") will work for this type of situation?
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My mom is in Maltese rescue and they frequently use Rescue Remedy to calm down the dogs during transport. As far as I know it's completely natural and as long as you follow the instructions it won't harm them at all.
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We just moved from ontario to alberta, 4 days of travelling in a car with 2 cats! I was going to get some Rescue Remedy but couldn't find any before we left (small town, not very many pet stores) So we set off with our 2 cats meowing for the first 2 hours straight. They were each in there own carriers and had the back seat with the seats folded down. After the 2 hours was up, thet settled down and slept. When we stoped for a break, we would let them out of the carriers (with harnesses on) and we had food, water and litter set up on the floor of the backseat. We stoped and stayed at motels, they loved exploring the new rooms each night. Every morning they were back in the car, they meowed nonstop for the first hour of each day, but then slept for most of the way after that. They were fine when we arrived at the new place and they are adjusting just great here. All in all it went very well, even withought the Rescue Remedy.

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Oh our move isn't nearly that far! We're only moving two blocks away! lol

I'm more considering it to help him settle into the new apartment. He's also a crier (he MEOWS a LOT) and I'm hoping the rescue remedy will help ease that a bit...
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it helps my kitty more often then not, relaxes her a bit.
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