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Okay, thanks to you enablers influencing my already huge love of cats I have decided that when I graduate vet tech school I would like to purchase either an Egyptian Mau or a Bengal. I have admired both of the breeds for years now. I have read about them extensively.. but cannot make a decision as to which breed to choose. Some background on me: I am 20, have plenty of room for a kitty, am at home now most of the time but will soon be taking an internship and starting to practice as a vet tech. I have 2 other kittys as you can see, one 8 months the other 4 years.. both males. I would like the new kitten to be a female most likely. I'm looking for opinions on the breeds or advice from those experienced with owning either one. I am POSSIBLELY interested in showing if I get Mau. I am not sure if Bengals are shown? I am trying to find price ranges on the Mau's, I have found price ranges on Bengals but haven't had much like with the Mau's. An idea of the price for a show quality vs pet quality would be awesome as well. Of course tips that I may not find in a book about either of the breeds characteristics are also welcomed. Thanks guys! I want to make the best decision possible
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Bengals are TICA showable ... from what I have seen ... pet range from 500-1000
show alters 1000-1500

show / breeders up to 4000

Mau prices I am not familiar with ... but I think they are similiar to bengal
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Bengals can be shown in every cat regisitry, except CFA. I show my bengals in TICA.
Mau's can be shown in all registries.

Sharky listed the bengal prices about right. A good show bengal will go for about $2500.

Can't help you on Mau pricing, but I also assume the costs are roughly the same.

Good luck with your research! If I can help you with any breed specific questions about bengals, feel free to PM me.
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Everyone has told you the right things - A show Mau neuter will be around $800-1200 (at least from the enquiries I've made). You can show Maus in any and all registries and Nial is right (of course ) Bengals in all registries except CFA.

If you are interested in knowing who the most consistent CFA E Mau breeder is, drop me a pm!!!
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We currently have two Egyptian Mau's. The neutered male is a silver and the spayed female is a smoke. What exactly are you wanting to know about their personalities? I am very prejudiced to a specific breeder, having done much research before being owned by either of these wonderful cats, I feel that we couldn't get a better suited personality in a cat from ANY mau breeder. If you will be more specific in what you want to know I will put you in touch with the breeder.......BUT.......I will warn you that they pick the people that they allow to adopt their kittens......and there will be much conversation back and forth. That being said, I feel that they can and will place a kitten with you that is EXACTLY what you want.....if you decide on a mau. They can also answer ANY questions that you might have a lot better than I can.......but will do my best.

Winter Hawk
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Have you considered the ocicats? We have a wonderful chocolate spotted (they come in 12 colors). They have the active personality and love showing.

Maus are quietier cats, and don't like showing much - you don't see a lot in the rings.

Bengals are only shown in some associations - ACFA, TICA. CFA will not allow them at this time because they don't allow any cats with "wild" blood in them.
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I have both a Mau and a Bengal (two Bengal household, though.. the other one just isn't mine). They've all got wonderful personalities..the Mau is much quieter but plays just as hard as the Bengals. She's a much sweeter personality whereas the Bengals are much sassier. Take sassy and quadruple it. It's my opinion that the other household kitties need to have a pretty undauntable personality for a Bengal. They're absolutely incorrigible, gregarious, beautiful, full of life and vigor, and so full of curiousity that I walk around making sure the kitten is not in the dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, closet, behind the door...

The Mau is quiet, usually, loves to play, will play till she's laying on the floor tired out and *still* wants more. (This applies to the Bengals too). Both breeds are extremely intelligent. In our fur family, the Mau is much sweeter tempered, more submissive, if you will, and will often curl up with you. This is true also of our Bengal kitten, but not so much with the F3 male adult.

Their prices were all about the same, but I found decent breeders around here, that charge less for their cats than a lot of other breeders farther out/in other cities. I think it is the going rate around the DC area, though. The cats are well-socialized, and awesome kitties. I do not know what your preference is, though. My F3 has a show quality coat but can't be shown as far as I know because he's an F3. The marbled baby may or may not be show quality, and the Mau definitely is show quality but was something of a rescue so is not happy being handled. They were all about $600.

If you're really interested in showing, however, you may want to look for champion or show winning pedigree. I know very little about that aspect.
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I don't have anything to add on the pricing and showing, as everything that was said confirms what I know about bengals. I have two six month old brown marble tabby bengals that just came home this weekend. Stunning cats, and no matter how many pictures you see nothing can prepare you for seeing them up close and in person! Breathtaking!

I also have a 10 month old seal point siamese baby. So far, he's been MUCH more curious about them than they have been about him. I had people tell me that Duke (my meezer) would be afraid of the bengals, but he couldn't be less afraid of them. He goes around sniffing where they have been, and last night I let him in their room. They were hiding in the closet and he tried going in with them. He was pretty insistent, but not aggressive or afraid at all. The bengals, on the other hand, were a little less enthused so I had to put my baby out.

Aside from Duke though, these guys are curious as heck! And did I mention how gorgeous they are???

Oh yeah, I did think of something else! Only F4 generation and later can be shown in TICA/ACFA/etc. So an F3 couldn't be shown.
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