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I don't now you very well, but I know you well enough to know you are a wonderful person with a good and kind heart.

Grief is a funny thing. It affects us all very differently and it is up to the friend or supporter to gauge how to handle the situation. I do not think that telling you to move on, was necessarily the wisest thing, but I also think that maybe in her own way she was trying to help. But then it does take two to Tango, as they say, and one hurtful thing said, can cause another, and so it goes on.

I don't know that things will improve between you and Stacy, only Stacy herself can know that. But whatever the outcome, you have made a major leap forward in healing the rift. And now it is firmly in Stacy's court. You are the better person here.

I, for one, am in deep admiration for you. Your email bought tears to my eyes, and I would have just hugged you if you would have been nearer. It was beautfully written and clearly from the heart. How
someone could even think of turning something like this into workplace gossip is beyond me, however should it come to that, be proud and strong, and know you are a better person. You got off the anti-depressants and you pulled your life back on it's feet, and look at you now...you are also one of the most popular members on this forum. You are a wonderful person and an inspiration to us all. Remember that when times are tough, you will never ever be alone. We are always here to laugh, and cry, with you, and give you support. If the tradition of bowing in your honour were still happening, I'd be bowing right now.

Keep your chin up, I have a feeling things are going to be ok with this one.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Debby...sorry to be so late in reading and responding to your post, but I haven't been on much lately.

Anyhoo...I think what you did was perfect. You felt the need to get things off of your chest and you did that, and in a respectful way.
If it made you feel better just to send the email...then it can't be wrong.

I know how you feel abut losing someone who was a dear friend for so many years. I am sure you remember my post of a few months ago!

I certainly hope that Stacy is mature enough to take your letter for what it was and how it was meant...and not try to make it sound like you are "begging" her for anything...but, if she does, realize that SHE is the one with the problem, not you. Sounds like she was the one with the problem all along.

I do hope that it turns out however it is that you would like. Do remember though...that we all here are your friends. You are not alone!!!
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Thank you all!!! Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to see how Stacy would react to this, because Amber has been very sick with a cold, and I have not been back to work yet. I have stayed home with her yesterday and again today. I am hoping she is better tomorrow, because I have to go back to work then. So as for Stacy....that will have to wait till tomorrow. I doubt she acts any different towards me, which is just fine, but I hope she hasn't told everyone in the factory that I sent her an e-mail and make me look bad for it...but if she does, she does. I am coming to realize there are way more important things in my life to worry about than things like that...Amber for one. So, even if she does try to use this against me, I will just shrug it off and go on. Thanks for all your support guys! You have all made me feel alot better about sending it! Thanks!
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Debby - I haven't had a chance yet to see how little Amber is doing, but that's where I'm going next. I was just wondering if anything has happened, or if you were back at work yesterday.


Hoping for the best, and sending LOTS of hugs,

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Well, just as I thought....Stacy has not acknowledged my e-mail whatsoever, and I am quite sure she got it, because if her e-mail was different now, it would have been returned to me. But that is okay....I know I did the right thing apologizing, and I will just leave it at that.
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Aw, Debby, (((hug))). It took courage to send the letter. It takes courage to deal with waiting. It takes courage to deal with what must be disappointment. I'm sad with you! I sure hope you don't take this as a (or another) rejection. In fact, I hope your heart is lighter now.

You're too wonderful a person. If Stacy chooses to leave it at this, then she doesn't deserve you.

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Well said Laurie. I couldn't have worded it better.

All I will add is a (((hug))) from me too.
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Thank you! That is really sweet of you guys!
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Sorr about the email. Well, if Stacy did get your email & she is still acting the same way, then it is her loss for not forgiving. I was just gonna say this, but it is too late. There is an option on your email program (if you use Outlook, it does), which will send you an acknowledgement showing that the receiving party has gotten your email. I have this on mine. It shows when it was displayed on their puter. Or you can look at it this way: maybe she did receive it & doesn't know what to say?
A BIG {{{hug}}} from me, too
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Thanks Tigger!
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