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It's Miracle!

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After many months of patience and trickery,I've finally managed to cut not one but near all 8 of her nails on her front paws!
I can now trim her front nails during her grooming session w/out protest!
Now her back feet...er....that's a different story.
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Congratulations on getting that done.

We could never do that, we always carried our beloved Sambo, and now Opie to the vet to get their nails clipped.

Our vet has been doing it for years now.
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I used to let the vet do it too but I only went to the vet about twice a yr so her nails were preety long.
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Congratulations! That can sure be a challenge.
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Congratulations! Would you like to come do Abby's?
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I'm lucky I guess. Frankie is declawed and Wickett is very good about getting trimmed and even having mats cut out of his fur (provided I'm not near his backside). That said, I NEVER mess with their back claws. They both use their back claws alot and never on their people so the only time I bother is if I need to trim the hair arounf Wickett's bum or if one of them needs a bath.
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Chynna loves to get her nails done. She gets a full pawdicure, hehe. Complete with toe, paw and leg massage, followed by a good brushing. She absolutely loves "spa time".

Abby on the other hand I have to catch while she's sleeping because she hates getting her nails cut. I've been trying to get her used to the idea of my touching her paws, toes and nails....but as soon as I do she pulls her leg away from me, whereas Chynna just spreads her toes and pushes her paw into my hand.

My only problem with Abby these days is that she's taken to sleeping in spots that I can't get to her very easily so some of her nails are like razors at the moment and definitely need to be cut really really soon.
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