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Are you still feeding wet food at all???

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In light of the recent developments, I was wondering if any of you have stopped feeding wet food all together until all information is out in the open. Madden has always eaten Meow Mix pouches as his wet treat, (the only kind he'll eat) which so far show no concern but he hasn't gotten any since the recall regardless. I feel bad, and I know the ones I have are probably safe, but I don't want to risk anything. How many of you have dropped the wet food completely??
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I am, but my cats are picky wet food eaters, that, as it turns out know better than me.
They'll only touch Friskies loaf style, so theirs was never affected.
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Since I have a cat that had an underweight problem and hair loss problem recently, Yes I am still feeding wet food. He gets dry too. I haven't changed the amounts either. Since I heard directly from Natura, I'm not concerned about the Evo I'm feeding anymore.
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I'm feeding my boys their Meow Mix wet, 2 times a day just like always- it hasn't been recalled or anything, but I'm not feeding them the one with the wheat gluten in it, just to be safe. They weren't fond of that flavor anyways, so it doesn't bother them.
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i'm feeding wet natural balance.
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I'm still feeding wet, Natural Balance, Avoderm, Evo and Innova. I've dropped Wellness due to the relationship with Menu Foods.
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My babies actually had the recalled food as there daily wet portion. Thank god no problems so far. I suspended with that. And I will serve NOTHING from Menu Foods at all. Even if it wasnt recalled. As far as I am concerned, if they cant give a firm reason why, then its all unsafe. Would you eat at Taco Bell if they said we "think" its the lettuce. No one would go in and say I will have a taco just hold the lettuce. KWIM? So we are giving them Friskies now. And praying it works out ok. They also have tried the Whiskas Filet Mignon and they are mad for it. So that might be a keeper
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Abby is still getting her Meow Mix "snack", but not the flavors with wheat gluten.
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am only using NOT associated with Menu foods and have greatly increased the homemade till this is sorted out ...
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I have to. Spyder won't eat dry food at all and only a few select kinds of wet food, which fortunately aren't on the recalled list.
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Yes, I am still feeding my kitties their wet food (Merrick).

After reading Jean44's post in this thread, I am going to investigate the Wellness canned food though (I have lots of cans of this at home - interestingly, neither of my kitties like it. We were planning on donating it).
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Still feeding Sebastian the Meow Mix pouches, just cut out those with wheat gluten. Tried Merricks on the new baby and she loves it!
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No wet food for my boys from any companies, this recall shook me up a bit too much, I'm preparing wet-style food at home.
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Mine are still getting their wet food. The brands they like weren't (As of yet) part of the recall. They love their Meow Mix and FF (though not the best brands but as long as they eat some wet is better than nothing.)
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Yes, I'm still feeding wet. Bailey just had surgery in February and was diagnosed with IBD and had just started a food trial of Royal Canin rabbit and green pea canned so I really don't want to take him off of it, and since it's Royal Canin I'm not too worried.

Chloe also has pretty severe IBD and has been eating Authority lamb & rice and doing really well. The lamb & rice she's been on isn't on the recall list, it's regular canned, not chunks and gravy, and there's no wheat gluten in it, so I'd continued to feed it to her along with some of the Royal Canin rabbit. The longer this goes on though, the less comfortable I am giving it to her, so today I switched her over completely to Royal Canin. I'm ashamed to admit I kept her on the Authority as long as I did.
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Zoey & Saki are on RX diets so no change here.
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I am feeding the special kitty salmon loaf and I checked it does not contain wheat gluten. they won't touch the chunks with gravy so that's good and I made sure they were all loafs and not the cuts with gravy. however, I will not feed my dogs canned, they get bad dirrahea if they eat canned food. oh and I am not feeding canned food to the kitties as often as before.
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hey, um, is there a list or a site or something that has ALL the food associated with Menu, not just the recalled ones? I would be interested to know if there are any more that I have because I don't even want to feed it to my cats.
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We still feed wet Friskeys and the loaf special kitty in the cans. We can't afford to change everyone over to something else.
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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
hey, um, is there a list or a site or something that has ALL the food associated with Menu, not just the recalled ones? I would be interested to know if there are any more that I have because I don't even want to feed it to my cats.
i put up a thread ... wet food s not made by Menu
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
i put up a thread ... wet food s not made by Menu
i think i saw it, but i am looking for a list of ALL of menus foods recalled or not.
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Bumped up pushing raw on everyone here. Still feeding canned. Going for Pro Pac Beef(Damita & her allergies & UTI issues) & Natural Balance. I do feed some Pro Plan UT issue food just so Ophelia gets wet. If she doesn't, she'll have another UTI so fast....
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Neither of mine liked the cuts in gravy styles anyways, so their wet food hasn't changed. I did hold off feeding them any for a couple days until all the foods were listed.

I live practically out in the middle nowhere so I'm not able shop at petsmart, petco, or any petstores regularly. However, back in January, I did have a few Nutro pouches in hand and reconsidered buying them. And in February I was going to make an order that would have included Nutro from petfooddirect, but decided against it.

Since walmart, kmart, and grocery stores are my only option here, my boys get friskies, some meow mix pouches, with sheba and fancy feast as occasional treats.
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No- i'm too scared to. On top of the animals i have of my own, I also foster kittens and puppies and work at our local shelter. I will NOT risk any of their lives when i can prevent them from eating foods that have potentially been contaminated. As far as my aniamls/fosters go that do NEED soft food of some form- i will be making everything from scratch until this whole thing has been settled and it is 100% safe for me to feed soft food again. Until that time- no soft food. Instead i will be making homemade baked chicken and plain white rice mixed together for them as well as a few other combinations. I will be making it each week and freezing it as needed so that i have plenty of soft food as i need it. It will cost a bit more money than i really have, but in my eyes, it's worth it to ensure that my furbabies as well as my fosters do not get ill from something that i can prevent them from eating.
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Still feeding commercial wet but avoiding any brands made by menu foods. It's just the gravy cuts style foods that are affected, so I dont see any need to panic and ditch all wet food, esp as I consider wet much healthier than dry, esp for Jaffa who doesn't drink water when he's on dry.
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Well Wonton eats Chefs Blend dry and Fancy Feast wet.. he ran out of Fancy Feast yesterday, so when I was at Safeway today I looked at all the cans -I could only find one flavor of Fancy Feast that didn't have wheat gluten - I got one can of that. Then I noticed Sheba - I looked and not only did it not have wheat gluten, the ingredients were REALLY simple - fish, water, starch, and something else. I bought three tins of it, came home and gave one to Wonton, and he sniffed it and looked at me like "why are you giving me this?"

I'm going to search around today for more Fancy Feast flavors that don't have the wheat gluten..if I can find some I'll buy it. if not, he'll be just eating dry for the foreseeable future, til this is all sorted. For a wet treat I'll just give him some people tuna once in a while. Better safe than sorry.
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I can't give up the benefits of wet food. Like so many here, I'm feeding non-Menu foods (Merricks, Meow Mix select, Natural balance). I did feed a little more dry the first day the recall hit, but they left an awful lot in the bowl. They loooove the wet food!
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Fortunately, I purchased a several cases of science diet turkey, Not on the list but science diet is) a few months ago when it was on sale. They have been fine with that and there is enough to last another month or so, hopefully by then this nightmare will be over. Do not want to buy any wet food right now, and may even take back the few cans of trader joes I bought a few days ago. I am not giving it to them.
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Beauty has to eat wet food...she has a hard time eating dry because of arthritis and such.

I'm just reading the back of the labels though. I use Meow Mix and am avoiding any flavors with Wheat Gluten in it.
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I've been using Friskies, not a great food, I know, but it is made by Purina not by Menu Foods. I feel ok with that.
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