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Sleep and gag??

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Anna is my 5 yr old girl,who see the vet regularly and has never had any serious problems,so far. She eats well,drinks well,and seems to be in perfect health. I give her hairball treats at least 2 or 3 times a week. This morning I was watching her sleep,( which I love to do ) and suddenly she gagged! I have never seen a cat do this in their sleep,and I know there are many causes for this when they are awake. Of course,I'll probably be watching her tonite all nite long,and will take her in to the vet if it happens again,but has anyone else ever seen this or heard of it before?
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It could just have been a fluke. Maybe she choked on her saliva or some hair was stuck in her throat? I'd probly just keep a close eye on her
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She probably just had something in her throat. Just keep an eye on her and in addition to the hairball treats maybe try some hairball medicine as well? Cats love it normally, its malt or poultry flavored. You can get it anywhere.. petsmart, petco.
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