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Happy Independence day over here!

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Hi everyone!

I won't be posting much today and tomorow as I'm not at home. I'm writing this from my brother-in-law's computer. We're staying at their place tonight celebrating the Israeli independence day.

I wish you people could visit here. We're at Kibbutz Ortal at the Golan Heights. It's lovely up here - all green and rural. Hissy would love it here - they have the largest stables in Israel with more than 180 horses + hundreds of cows and apple and cherry orchards.It's a very special atmosphere up here at the north of our small country very close to nature with storks flying above and lots of wild animals (including deer and wolves!) around the kibbutz.

We've just had a great special dinner (I managed to keep my diet and had lots of salad and roast chicken ) and then a fireworks show!!! What fun!!! We still have a party to go to tonight (starts in an hour or so). I've never been to a kibbutz party before but I heard it's lots of fun.

I wasn't sure if we were going to go or not, as I didn't want to leave the cats and the dog alone overnight, but then hubby's other brother (there are 4 of them - bless them!) said he was staying at home (next door to us) so he would baby sit all 4 of them.

Well, the boys want the computer for starcraft, so I gotta go now.

Have fun everyone!
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sounds like you are having a wonderful day Anne!
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Sounds like a beautiful place!! I hope you have a fantastic day!
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Happy Independence Day to you and yours! It all sounds like great fun.

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