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Anyone know antiques?

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Does anyone know anything about antiques? I was given this table and told it's over 100 years old.
I was told it's worth money too... Does anyone know anything about antiques?
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Don't know a great deal about them, although I love watching the Antiques Roadshow. Is there a local dealer that you can ask? Or maybe a local newspaper column that will value your antiques?
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Does it have a maker's mark?
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That is beautiful, I agree! Maybe you should ask someone locally as Colleen suggested.

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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post

Does it have a maker's mark?
Um... What's that and where would it be?
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I really like that!

I know something about European ceramics, not so much about furniture, and certainly not anything about American furniture. You have a whole different heritage when it comes to antiques and generally what we here would consider more recently made things are more significant on the American market because of the relatively short settler history of your country, so I can't help much with your table in terms of provenance/value etc.

It is a very nice looking piece though, attractive in a way that would appeal to many people, which is always useful in older pieces. Furniture that is viewed as attractive in one era but then unfashionable in another generally has less appeal and is less valuable, whereas that would sit nicely in many modern homes.

The main piece of advice I can give is to give it a look over - are there any visible areas of damage, repairs, or refinishing - these can all lower the value of a period piece. Joints should be original, turning it over and inspecting the joints should reveal any replacements or repairs. Don't refinish it or re-varnish it yourself if it may be worth something.

Auctionhouses are generally more reliable than antique shops - the shop will be looking to tell you a reduced price in the hope you will sell it to them, whereas auctioneers work on a commission basis so won't be interested in trying to get a low price 'deal' with you.

Local auctionhouses can often be great for getting information and a valuation, so if you have one it would be worth having them give it the once over. If it is worth something, then you ought to find out because even if you don't intend to sell it, you may need to list it as a separate item of value on any relevant insurance policies.

Hope that helps in terms of general information
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I don't know a lot about antiques - I lived in a house built in 1884 for a long time and had some when I lived there. I will tell you one thing: with cats in the house, I always had a custom made glass top to place over the top to protect it from claw marks. Unless you have a curved cut, they usually run you under $40 and if it's valuable, you've just saved the table.
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I don't know anything about antiques Alycia, but I had to tell you that your signature is confusing the heck out of me!! I know I made it, but Madden keeps catching my eye and I'm like Huh??

The table is STUNNING!!
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