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"Gee Mom, did my tongue swell?"

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McGilly with her favorite toy, a plastic jar lid. (5 months old now)

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What a cute picture!!! McGilly looks so much like my Sylvester.
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This picture TOTALLY caught the image of a VERY playful looking kitty!

Are there more McKitties? (Or did I just manage to touch on a sore spot again? I seem to be so "good" at that... )
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Goodness how she has grown! She's still a doll, though. And the spitting image of Mom!

Laurie, there are more McKitties. McKenzie is the mother cat, who Shredder brought home with him as a very pregnant houseguest. McGilly-Kitty, the one in the pic, is one of her daughters, and McBeth (McBethie) is the other, a pretty little silver girl who really fought hard to survive as a kitten. Unfortunately, the third kitty, McArthur, passed over the Bridge before they realized that McKenie had distemper and passed it on to 2 of her kittens (McArthur and McBethie).

Mike was good-hearted enough to say that Mary Anne could keep all of them, and Mary Anne just couldn't find a good enough home for the two baby girls. So they have stayed.

Reader's Digest version. Hope you don't mind, MA!
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I don't mind at all! LOL You take good notes! I can't even keep track of the cats anymore. Though Fly is ready to fly on his own and he will be leaving us this week. He is a wonderful, lap kitty now, and his new owner is so thrilled with him. He is going back to a good place! He still will hide under the bed if he is scared, but he no longer climbs the wall and his purr motor is almost always fully engaged these days!
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