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How's your day today?

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Mine's grrrreat! DH and I rode our bikes into work (Alternative Transport Day!), and I'm not TOO busy so far, which is good...

I was feeling a bit ill by lunchtime, but had a good lunch, then decided I needed a walk. One of the guys in my section bring his dog into work every day - he's a lab/pit bull mix and an absolute sweetheart!!! So I took him with me and we went for a lovely 30 minute walk - it's about 70 degrees, sunny, and beautiful! Work is right near the baylands, so there's heaps of parkland type areas to walk in, and I feel so much better for it!

My allergies are going nuts from it, but hopefully that'll settle down soon :P

How's your day going?
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My day's going great!

I don't have Lupus. It's Spring Break and Daughter and I have been having a great week. It's nasty and rainy out and we're hanging out in the living room in front of the fire in the fireplace.

We saw a house for sale on Sunday. The man said that it was his MIL's house (she died) and he was selling it. The house wouldn't work for us but we saw an older kitty curled up in her bed in the basement, and it's been worrying me that she belonged to the woman, so I saved the flyer and called about the kitty to offer help to find her a home if needed. But she has a home and is in good hands. Yay!

Today is good!
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Today is good too! I got Belinda's Popcorn Ball recipe printed out and I plan to have a tray-ful of popcorn balls waiting for my hubby when he gets home...sometime tonight Earlier, I was listening to a bootleg copy of a live show of my fav artist, JR Richards, and discovered some hidden tracks I didn't know existed...so Yaaaaayyyy! I hear Alex Jr strumming his guitar in his room now...Naomi should be home in a couple of hours from work...Elora y Mia are taking a nap on the couches...would be puurrrfect if it was rainy & drab outside...my fav weather ...but I have the windows open & I can hear all sorts of birds chirping away, wind blowing through the trees, my windchimes...yep, its a good day!

And Swampwitch's news has made it an even better day all around!!

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