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O'Henry and Snickers :)

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Adoptton news!!!
BOTH Henry and Snickers went to their new forever families today! I am so very pleased for them. The shleter let me know this afternoon when Snickers was fast asleep in her new dad's arms standing there! One of my friends from work went and adopted Henry today - so I will get to babysit him when she flies to Europe next month!
Necco and Penuche will get their new families soon - but wanted to share the great news I got today!
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WOW!!!!! That is GREAT about Henry and Snickers!!! And especially that Henry was adopted by someone you know well, and you will be able to watch him for them next month!!! That is such good news!!!! I am very happy for you and for them!!!!
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Thanks Debby - I am wondering how they made out with their first night in their new homes??
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YIIPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!! Hip-Hip-Hooray! That is SUCH great news. (...and you'll have to let us know what your friend says about how the first night went! )

Thank you SO MUCH for keeping us posted!!!!!!
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My Pleasure Laurie!
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...don't forget to post tomorrow how things went with Henry's first few nights at his new home!


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Debra, that is such great news! I'm sure Necco and Penuche will find good homes soon too. They are just too cute not to!
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Debra...that is such great news about O'Henry and Snickers! How lucky the humans who were able to adopt those little babies!

Thanks for keeping us posted with such wonderful news!
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Well, here is your update that Laurie asked for
I spoke to O'Henry's mom today and he is running the house already. She said he is full of loving and energy! Even her hubby who originally did not want another cat, has been down on the floor loving on him. One thing though - his name is now Spunky! I guess that fits considering all that he had to go thru to survive!
As for Necco - she was adopted to a lovely woman in Saratoga NY, per the SPCA. Penuche is still at the shelter awaiting his new family, but I am assured that he will have a home by the end of the week!
So......that is the news for now! And thank you for your interest!
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Aw, Debra, that is such great news! I'm sorry I'm so late in getting the news, but work and a broken car have been getting in the way of what's really important! Nonetheless, I'm so happy to hear!

Let us know - when you can - about Penuche. I've kept him in my prayers, and I sure hope he gets adopted soon!

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...any word on Penuche yet? I know it's not the end of the week, but my curiosity has risen above the level of my patience to wait to hear....


Still keeping little Penuche in my prayers!
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Laurie, you must have missed the thread...Penuche went to his furrever family last week! Yeah! All of Debra's babies have been adopted into good homes.

Here's the thread: Penuche News Flash
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Heidi - I did miss it! Thanks for the link. (Boy - I must be really out of it - I'm a whole week off!)

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