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My love (Merlin)

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Don't ask me why I am posting this....I am just feeling extremely sensitive and emotional tonight, and I need to post it. I just read a thread about a cat named Mindy (I think that was the name) that needed a home and had been kept in a cage almost all her life, and a cat named Tigger who had been given up from his home because of a new baby, and was adopted out, then brought back, and then was going to be put down until someone finally took the poor thing home as a barn cat, then he vanished, and I am in the midst of tears reading all of this, I think my post pregnancy hormones are really kicking in or something, (post DOES mean after, doesn't it...geez, i'm a moron sometimes)....but anyway...I am feeling so sentimental and sad for all the cats who need loving homes right now....and who have lost their lives, or vanished.....

Anyway....it made me want to say a few words about my precious, precious furbaby Merlin.....

If anything ever happens to him I will just die inside! I love ALL my cats...and I know you guys probably wonder why, with so many cats I have, you only mostly hear about Merlin....

It's because he is my baby....other than Amber of course....and although I love all my cats....Merlin is my love.

All my cats are outdoor cats since we live on a big farm, very little traffic, if any on the road, and barns full of hay to keep them warm in winter....my husband didn't want cats in the house at all till he fell in love with Merlin, as a kitten.

My Merlin has captured his heart as well as mine. Merlin isn't anything fancy...no pedigree there, no show cat, no gorgeous markings, no beauty....but he is the smartest, most personable cat you are liable to meet!!!

He is....oh gosh.....I am just rambling here....just love my cat and wanted to tell you, I guess!!!! Now I feel silly....maybe I should just not even post this. Oh what the heck....I'm going to......

Merlin is like a child to me...my boy....my love....my sunshine.

Sappy, isn't it????

He is indoor/outdoor.....he comes and goes as he pleases. He doesn't much care for the cold weather we have been having lately so he comes in mostly....likes to sleep on the heat vents.

He especially likes to sleep on my husband. (goes to show I was right...hubby IS full of hot air :laughing: )

When he wants out...if noone pays attention to his meowing or jumping up to grab the doorknob, he will jump up on my dressor and proceed to knock things off till I wake up and let him out.

He ignores Amber, but I think they will be friends when she is older.

I don't care how hungry he is....he will not eat the food I put out for the outside cats in their dish...oh no!!!!! That is not good enough!!! He has to come in and eat his special cat food, (although there is nothing wrong with the food I give the other cats, but it is not HIS food, and not in HIS bowl inside)

I have seen him literally chase the dogs...when he is in a fowl mood, and send them yipping with his claws....he is a hero to all dog hating cats...:LOL: although actually he gets along quite well with the dogs...I think he does it for pure enjoyment!!!!!! (poor dogs)

He knows alot of words!!!! Tell me a cat isn't smart!!!!

He knows "NO!!" (like when he wants to jump into Ambers crib....or on the table....etc....and he hears that, and looks at me...and backs off....even if I say it softly....he still knows what no means. And he knows "OUT?" That's what I say when he seems restless and acts like he might want to go out.....I just go, "Out? Out?" and he could be clear in the bedroom when I say it...but if he wants out, and he hears the word...he runs for the front door.

I just love this cat.....

Just had to share....we always do tributes to our beloved cats when they die, and I just wanted to do a tribute to him while he was still alive!!!!! (does that make sense?)
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Oh Debby - of COURSE it makes sense. I am glad that you took the time to write about Merlin! He sounds like a wonderful companion to you
I feel like I know him a little better now and will think of him everytime one of my babes goes after the dog!
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Thank you, Deb!!!!! I was feeling a bit silly for posting all that, and it is good to know someone read it and understood!!!
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I think we all feel sentimental about our animals, or we wouldn't be here. Right now, I really have to pee, but because Faile is crashed out on my lap, I am waiting. She looks way to comfortable to move, and is so sweet, I can wait a little longer.

Speaking of dogs, my neighbor's lab/dalmation mix is afraid of my cats. Faile went after her one day when we brought her upstairs, and the dog doesn't want to go near the cats anymore!
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I thought your post was very heartwarming and not foolish at all! I had a male cat once named Midnight - and I felt the very same way about him - so I can really relate to your feelings about Merlin. Although, it's been said that you're not supposed to have a "favorite" - Midnight was definitely my favorite pet of all (and probably always will be). I don't know if this is because he was my very 1st pet or what. It sounds like Merlin has found a special place in your heart (and your hubby's too) and that's so wonderful to hear - especially after all the sad stories we've been hearing about lately. Merlin sounds like quite a gem and I'm sure he feels the same way about you guys that you feel about him.

So, don't feel silly at all - I think we all enjoy hearing something so beautiful!

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Thanks Brenda and Sandi!!!!! I really feel better about posting it!
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Debby, it is things like this that make this site so special. I love to hear how much people love their cats - and what is so special about them.

Ronnie is being more "special needs" than special at the moment - as she is crying for her new toy - her "frou-frou" (a feather duster) which I've taken off her and placed on top of the coat rack, as the house is now covered with bits of green feathers.
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Debby, I am sure if Merlin could read he would love all the more for what you wrote about him. You can certainly feel a bit better knowing that while you can't possibly help every cat who has been abandoned or abused you can know that you have given one cat a loving home and made him a part of your family.
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Debby; I know exactly how much you love Merlin !! You are not silly, or sappy or any of those things. You have a "special" bond with a "special" boy. . ... . . .

As you know, I have just recently gotten 2 of my cats from my sster's house to come live with me and it has changed my whole outlook on life ! I have a reason to get up each day nd some companionship to make the days seem less static. . . ..

You never have to apologize here for posting about Merlin.

Love to you both,
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I love that post. . .what a sweetie he is! I have a kitty that is so special to me too and love reading about others that are just as gaga about their furbabies.

Soft head bonk to sweet Merlin,

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i know exactly how you feel debby. and if there was more caring people such as yourself and all the people on here the world would be a better place. i could not read the story about the cagged cat. stories like that make me cry and linger in my mind for days. and what you said about merlin not being fancy, for some reason, i like the not so beautiful cats best. i love cats, but if i went to pick a cat from a shelter or somewhere, i would pick the most ugly cat thinking that no one else would want him. i strongly feel a cat is a cat regardless of how fancy they are. smile debby!!!!
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I'm so glad there are people like you guys in the world!! It means so much to be able to come here and spill my guts about anything, and you all never think i'm being weird!

It is good to see you again, Darlene! I am just so happy for you that you have your cats back with you again!!!
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Debby - while it may be post-pregnancy hormones (yes, it IS post!), you're too tenderhearted for it to be just that. I found myself weeping last week about little Munchkin (The Sixth Kitten) - without making you read the thread, a 1.9 pound six month old kitten that turned up here (her brothers now weigh close to 9 pounds and aren't fat). And I don't have post-pregnancy hormones as an excuse.

You cry because you care.

And I LOVE your living tribute to Merlin! When I first started visiting the Cat Lounge, that's the kind of stuff I actually expected mostly would be here! Merlin sounds like he is shrouded with magic, and he certainly adds magic to your life! It is SO WONDERFUL to hear the great stories too! ...no...more than just wonderful. We need it.

(...and there you go again, doubting The Cat Site Members! I thought you were going to stop apologizing all the time! WE LOVE YOU!! And please, share Merlin stories more often! That is what we're here for, after all!)

...and a good, happy cry is always welcome too!
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**HUGS** to you, Laurie, you are so sweet! Thanks! And you too have such a kind tender heart!!! All the people here do! I guess that's why we love our cats so much!
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Debby - it's easy to love cats. I think maybe you mis-spoke. I THINK you meant to say - every body here's so sweet, that's why our cats love us so much!!!!

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Debby - there must be something special about Merlins! My Merlin is also the light of my life - I love all my cats, but he is his momma's boy! I may joke around and call him "the evil one" (which isn't true), he is just rambunctious! He is the most friendly and personable cat I know (he lets the little girl next door hang all over him). I don't know what I would do without him either. It must be a Merlin thing - he has worked some kind of magic to go with his name!
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Hats off to Merlins everywhere! Ady, I named my Merlin that for two reasons, number one, I liked Merlin the magician, and number two, my fathers name was Merle, and Merlin came into my life just 2 weeks after dad died. So it just seemed fitting!
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Debby, of course we won't think you're "wierd" or sappy. We're all crazy cat people here, we all understand! Your tribute to Merlin was wonderful. He is a very special cat, and don't even say he isn't anything fancy or beautiful. He is very beautiful. He is even more beautiful because you love him.

I have that same kind of relationship with Trent. He's my special little guy. I don't know how many times Earl tells me "He wasn't like this before you came home" whether the "like this" means playful or lovey or whiney. Trent will do something new and start meowing his head off "Mommy! Look at me! Mommy!!!" and as soon as I say something to him, "Yes Baby, I see you. What a good boy!" he gets all happy. He's my baby boy, and I love him more than anything.
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