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I run a small cat rescue here in Austin, Texas.

Last month I took in a pair of owner surrendered, declawed cats.

Their mom and dad did not have their medical history, so we got their vaccinations updated.

Unfortunately, Joey, the 10 year old tabby, developed autoimmune hemolytic anemia after the vaccine. This is a lifethreatening condition caused by his immune system attacking his own red blood cells.

He will need weekly CBCs for some time and heavy doses of steroids for months if we are to hope to combat this disease.

His first vet bill was $244 and we are due back on Monday. This condition could cost several thousand dollars to treat.

Normally, if medical bills exceed rescue funds, I pay them out of my pocket, but in this case I am unable to. I can't come up with that kind of money, so I am forced to ask for help.

I do have Joey's vet's name, address, and phone number. If anyone wants to verify my story I will be happy to provide them.

Here are some pictures of Joey:

Thanks so much for considering helping Joey.