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The Riches...

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Is anyone watching this sofar? I know its on Monday 10pm...what the heck kinda time is that to have a new show on like that? Last weekend I happened to catch a replay of it on Saturday night, same time. Not sure how I feel about the show though...I think I kinda like it

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yeah, I think that I like it. It's a bit racey for earlier viewing
We TIVO most show's so I watched it while the kids were napping
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I like it too! Its definately different from anything else on tv!!
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Originally Posted by kittiesx2 View Post
It's a bit racey for earlier viewing
Hmmm, I hadn't thought about that...what with shows like Family Guy (which I love by the way)on earlier, as well as others.

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I just watched the pilot and I really like it Very different
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I've been meaning to watch it, but I always forget!
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Me too Kenzie...the replay was on last night and durn it I forgot again! Flipped the tube on and it was just finishing...durn it...looks like they showed it at 9:00 rather than 10:00......

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Never heard of it! What's it about?
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Here's a neat link to the show, characters etc....

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Wow - that looks interesting! On a little later than I usually watch TV though!
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I find it a little strange. I grew up close to one of those camps, and it is kinda weird seeing a show about it. The people at work I talked to about the show did not know that those people really exist. They even gave a pretty good representation of the Travellers, Gypsies, or Knackers, whatever part of the country they happen to be in.
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