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my cat is SUCH a dork....

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I put up the hummingbird feeder last week and today Diesel was laying on the couch and saw a hummer on the feeder. He ran smack into the window
I probably shouldn't laugh at him but it was so FUNNY
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Well you know what they say, pets take after their owners

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Well, I would not call him a dork (what is a dork?) We have a bird feeder outside the window and it keeps both cats amused. I put it up to be nice to the birds but I admit it sure is fun to watch the cats running to the window to watch. I am not sure, but they have both probably crashed into the window but I have not seen this yet. I guess I would laugh too, though! Poor kitty.
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aweee.. shame poor kitty, sorry I had to laugh as well.
In my mind I could see it.
Hugs for Diesel

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I would've felt bad if he would've gotten hurt but he just looked at me like it was my fault and raced from window to window looking for his missing bird
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I would of laughed my booty off!!

I had a good laugh at Toby today as well.
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Originally Posted by Persi View Post
Well, I would not call him a dork (what is a dork?)
Well, in this sense a Dork is a goofball, or a nutcase, a term of endearment for a kitty that is just a bit on the crazy side, to the not so bright side.

The literal meaning of dork isn't really something that is used in everyday language, unless of course you're a marine biologist.
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Maybe I shouldn't admit this...but Rambo did the same thing this morning. There was a bird hovering not a foot from the window!! I think it was purposely tormenting the poor boy!! It's a bird conspiracy!!!
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my cat was so used to the window being open in the summer that she would just run and jump and pull herself up and out of the window.

If it was closed she would jump up and into the window and desperatly try to hang on to the tiny ledge and eventually fall to her doom. Then look at me and wonder why the window was closed.
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Ah that sort of thing is funny as long as they don't hurt themselves!

I was on my way home once, looked up to the window of my flat, and saw Radar sitting on the sill looking out. He saw me, did a double take, and bashed his head on the window - it had me in stitches at the time and I still chuckle now thinking about it
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