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Update on Maisie

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A couple of people have PM'd me asking how Maisie is, so I thought I would offer an update on both ponies. They are fine, and Tartine is getting tamer - I can walk up to her without her running now and she lets me pet her while she eats. I have even run a brush over her a couple of times. I am also training her to walk on the lead rope, with some limited success so far.

Maisie is getting bigger and bigger. But she does not seem to be ready to foal yet, and no one can offer me a date. Personally I don't think it will be for another month at least. Some days I can see her sides moving, and the foal is sometimes more to one side than the other, so she looks lopsided.

I am still bringing them in at night, partly so I can keep an eye on Maisie and partly so I can use the opportunity to touch and stroke Tartine at least twice a day in an enclosed area.

Here are some pix from this morning:

Both ponies enjoying the sun at last

Maisie still rolls and gets muddy.

Here you can see Maisie's sides sticking out

Tartine loves to roll!
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Oh they are both so precious. My heart just melted when I saw that picture of Tartine rolling on the ground.
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Lovely pics, Jenny. Glad to hear that they are both doing well.
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They're gorgeous. I'm glad they're doing well.
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They're both beautiful girls, Jenny. I love their manes and tails. Congrats on the progress you're making with Tartine.
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I just love the rolling pic!
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that is good news on both counts we all love the rolling photo it is rather cute, that tummy want a good old rub - maybe in time she'll let you do that as well they look real happy having a nibble at the grass together - are they good buddies then ?
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OMG Jenny - they're both gorgeous!
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Thanks for the update, Jenny. The last pic reminds me of watching my grandfather's horse, Bullet, roll in his pasture (which was behind our house).
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Glad for the good update, Jenny! They are very hadnsome animals.

I agree that Maisie has awhile to go yet, she doesn't have that "I'm about to BURST" look about her.
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They are both beautiful. Tartine is having so much fun rolling. It's good to hear that Tartine i becoming tamer.
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They are gorgeous! I love the picture of Tartine rolling! I'm glad to hear they are both doing well.
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Aww!! I wuv ponies!! How great that they are making progress. That pic of Tartine rolling is way too sweet.
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I'm glad you've made such progess. They're so fluffy, I'd have a hard time not being able to pat them.
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You know Jenny if you watch her Udder for a waxy looking substance that is a good sign usually around 24 hours prior.
I Love to see the new Foals I raised about 20 of them and I saw everyone of them being born. I never got tired of that experince
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Great pictures!! You have to remind us of the letter that the foal's name has to start which-was it "U"??? We should be able to some up with some names for this foal for you.
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Thanks for the reminder on the name, Gail! I think I have made a mistake with Tartine - I have discovered that THIS year's letter is T! So she should have an 'S' name and the new foal will be 'T'. But I don't think I can change Tartine now - she is answering to her name after much effort, and I can't bear the thought of changing it. As she is not registered with papers, it doesn't matter too much. But we will need another 'T' soon.

And yes, Lois, I keep feeling her udders but of course there is nothing yet, it is much too soon. What I would really like is for someone to be able to look at her and say - she has x weeks to go! But that is not going to happen. BY the way, at what stage did you start touching and handling the new foals? I want to begin as soon as possible, to avoid the problems I have had with Tartine. But I don't want to upset Maisie.

They are fluffy because they are losing their winter coats - I am combing mountains of hair out of them each morning, and they are rolling and rubbing themselves to get rid of more. It makes them look so untidy at this time of year. Good for the birds' nests though - I have seen a number pick up horse hair and fly off with it.
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I don't know how I missed this, Tartine looks so happy rolling about on the grass
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