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The Narwhale

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He's a pic of myah getting ready to do the "Narwhale". She has been doing this for a long time and we can't figure out why. She'll put this stick in her mouth and line it up with something and suddenly scoot it across the floor till it stabs into the target.
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What a beautiful smart kitty
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She's beautiful. Several of my bengals do that same thing, I haven't figured out why either. As long as they don't start making spears and throwing them, I'm ok with it.
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lol @ throwing spears.

Gorgeous cats
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well she certainly looks focused on something

beautiful kits
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That is really cool. She's really beautiful
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What a great game and what a cutie pie!!
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Hi Sailfish! I'm north of Boston, too!

What kind of targets does she usually hunt with her "sticks?"

I think that's so awesome - I just adore smart kitties!!!
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thats too cute..and another mystery of things that cats do ! But anywho o my such cuties u have there, they are both adorable, simply GORGEOUS
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That is so cool! Takoda just carries his around from place to place!
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I bet she'd be good at billiards! Gorgeous kitties.
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The stick had a cloth on the end. She dragged this thing around all day. I cut the cloth off it and she started the narwhal thing again but she was running into the wall hard and I was afraid she was going to hurt herself so I tied a small piece of cloth on the end so when she hits the wall it wont be in her mouth. Now she aligns the stick with her paws by tapping it left of right. This toy has been annoying so I have tried to hide it forever. But all I have to do is touch it and she comes running. She'll drop it on my face two o'clock in the morning. I just grab it and roll over on it till she gets the hint. Myah's a dream. She has selected me for a companion. I'm honored!
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Originally Posted by whuckleberry View Post
I bet she'd be good at billiards! Gorgeous kitties.
heh i was thinking the same thing
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how silly! and I think she'd be good at pool too
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Being a smart cat, I vote for fishing - especially if you are on the coast!
You have beautiful cats!
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Your cats are sooooooo GORGEOUS
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What a clever kitty! SHe's better at entertaining herself than I am.. I'm SO bored at home without a kitty to watch What breed of cat is she? Sorry, I'm not very good at telling the bengals apart from the savannahs and that sort of thing...
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