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cleaning a fountain

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Just wondering how people go about cleaning their fountains. Myself, I use an old toothbrush to get into the crevices, take apart the pump and make sure everything is scrubed and rinced.

My mom's friend puts some very dilute bleach through his once a week and then rinces throroughly, but I feel nervous putting bleach in their water source.

My mom just swears at hers until the dirt falls off

What do you do?
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I have a drinkwell and use the cleaning kit, following the instructions. I just use regular dish detergent and water. No one has gotten sick yet!
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I clean it weekly so it never gets very bad. About once per month I let it soak in vinegar overnight and by morning all the lime is gone.
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I also use dish soap and water.
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I clean ours once a week and use those scrub and toss things. In the small places I use a Q-tip. To wash it I use Method soap and water. Nothing else and the cats are fine.
We have the Petmate pet fountains.
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I used to clean it by hand with dish soap but now I put it through the dishwasher once a week.
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I rinse mine with hot water when I change out the water and when I clean it just mild soap and hot water. Eek I would never use bleach on anything that an animal drinks from though.
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