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You wouldn't be the cat-lover you are if you didn't feel like crying when she left! I'm so sorry I wasn't here yesterday. Just one day and so much happens.

Marie - all I can say is I think you're wonderful. Fostering is the hardest job of all. Will you be getting another one to foster? Or, like me, have you decided it's just too hard?

Either way, you've got angel wings. Whatsit is now in a happy home because of you - and that's why you did it!!!! She'll be happy - and you've made a family very happy!

You're WONDERFUL!!!!!!

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I was wondering last night, did you teach her new family the Good Girl Song?

(Had to at least try to make you smile, Marie. )
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lol, I didn't - but the thought of it did make me smile.

I am feeling a lot more better now, thank you everyone I have been told whatsit has settled in very well and sat on her new mums lap already and she was very well behaved when she went for her vacinations.

I have been told that we are going to get another cat on Monday, called Cleo who had been left in a flat

Once again thanks. I am now off for my short holiday to the seaside

Take care

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Get wobbly, Wibble! Enjoy the seaside. I'm so glad to hear you're getting another kitty to foster!!!! Wow! You're really brave. That's great news.

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