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I hope you don't mind I just wanted to share my night with Whatsit who is a feral (although she has been house trained by the lady who was looking after her) kitten.

I am so happy to have the honour of helping look after her and also so nervous that I do something wrong and make her more scared than she already is, unfortuantly my friends and family think I am mad for owning 2 cats and doing the fostering, so it is nice to be able to come here and know that you don't mind listening and will understand.

I have read the thread about Sandi's cat and that has been printed off as it has such good information in, and I need all the help I can get

She is very timid, although she does let me approach her when she's on the windowsill. I was amazed to hear her purring already and she even let me play a game of catch the mousie with her.

She is really sweet though, and it has already hit me how difficult it will be when she has to go, even though I know she needs and deserves a real home.

I will be working on all the tips I read about, and will no doubt be giving a progress report.

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Marie, YES please give us progress report on this little girl! How old is Whatsit? That is very good that she is purring for your already.
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I think she is around 4 months old.

I checked on Whatsit this morning, she has found a new hiding space in the base of the cat post.

But she has explored the room, as some more of the food has been eaten, and she used the litter box.

I have noticed she doesn't like males, as she will start to tremble whenerver Richard is in the room.

I don't know if it is best to let her get used to the room and me before he spends time with her.

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Marie - you are doing a wonderful thing by helping out this kitty. Many blessings to you!!!
Progres reports are mandatory!!
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Marie, this is so exciting! We SURE don't think you're nuts - we think you're an angel. And we DEMAND (!) that you share with us what's going on! We live for it!

...If you're sure it's Richard that makes her tremble and not just the fact that there are two people in the room, then I think it's best if you let her get used to the room and you first. As you can tell from Sandi's thread, the most important thing is to give them space and time. It almost seems like the harder you try, the harder it is. The more you ignore her but are around, the sooner she'll be comfortable. Go figure.

But given that she's just four months old, you're way ahead of the curve. Sandi's Lucky is six months, and those two months for ferals seem to make a big difference in terms of their ability to "learn" to like people.

Did I miss a picture of Whatsit in the Lounge or anywhere? Will you be able to post one?

Looking forward to hearing progress updates!


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Unfortuantly I don't have a picture, and I am notable to get a ditigal camera untill christmas

She is moving around the room a lot more,but we are having some really bad winds over here at the moment. I think that scared her a lot as she was hiding under the rug this morning.

She is getting more curious about who the strange person is sitting in the room, talking and singing to her, she has even ventured very close to me, but shies away when she gets to close.

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Yeah - our guys got friendly and comfortable with us before they got comfortable in the house - all those strange noises! I don't know how long your foster baby will be with you, but our two have been inside with us for four months now - and they sleep through anything but the vacuum cleaner!

Just spending time in the room with her is all it will take - other than the most important ingredient - time.

Thanks for the update!

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Hi Marie,

Thank you for looking out after Whatsit- love the name! You can help her comfort level by finding a sturdy cardboard box and flip it over. Cut some cat sized holes in the side above floor level so she can easily jump in and out. Put some soft padding down for her to lie on, and put this cat house in her room. Weigh it down with books, so she can't move it. When she gets scared, she will go in the box and hide and feel secure no one can get her. It is important while she is in there that you don't peer in at her or stick your fingers through the holes. Just leave her be, that is her "safe place."
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Thanks for the tip Hissy, I will try making that box at the weekend.

Whatsit is coming on well, I think she does actually want to be petted but just can't let herself trust someone fully.

I have been able to coax her off the windowsill more and more, and when she is playing she doesn't hide if I cough.

The biggest thing is she is more tolerant of Richard being in the room

Fingers crossed she will carry on, trusting us a little bit more each day and then hopefully she will be more likely to find a fantastic home.

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It sounds like you are making progress with Whatsit. I'm sure she will grow more and more trusting of both of you as she realizes that you only have good intentions with her.
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Marie - it will take time. My mother has been breaking in her Cats Protection adoption. Tanya now sleeps on her bed and is beginning to stand being touched without shirking and running away.

Full marks to you girl for caring enough.
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Unfortuantly we have had a slight set back.

Whatsit isn't very well and has a bad case of diarrhea .

I have switched her back to wet food as it started when she was eating the dried kitten food, and I am going to moniter her over the weekend, and if she hasn't improved make an ermegency appontment at the vets.

Due to feeling poorly she hasn't been very active, but I have noticed that she has developed a cute way of headbutting my hand to get a stroke.

It's amazing what a sweet little girl she is, even Richard is besotted with her. Good job he understands what I am doing, I had to listen to my mum telling me how silly I am to be looking after 3 cats

Oh well, hopefully Whatsit will be better over the weekend and I will have a better week next week.

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Sending some healthy energy across the pond to little Whatsit.
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Hi! Poor little girl. I've read over and over again in the health and nutrition forum that when food is switched it should be done gradually. You may already know this, but just in case....

If you want to include dry food in her diet, or if you want to get her switched to dry food, maybe try mixing in just a bit of kibble into her wet food (less than a tablespoon?) at first, and then gradually increase the amount of dry and reduce the amount of wet food. This should make the transition easier on her tummy.

Sending "maalox" hugs. (((((hugs)))))

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Eeek I had read that about mixing the food, but I forget all about it, at least it's something I will always remember know.

Whatsit is feeling a lot better, it seemed to clear up almost straight away after I gave her the wet food.

Thanks for the good thoughts

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Glad she is doing better. Is she getting better about being social with hubby? She sounds like a real sweetie.
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Yes she is doing a lot better with him now

Although she does still seem to prefer females over men.

She has stopped hiding each time the door opens, which is huge progress and she is seeking more company each day,and has taken to climbing over me instead of walking around me, last night she sat under my legs when I was watching the tv, she has also been letting me pick her up for a few seconds off the windowsill which is a 1st for her.

I hope she does get a home soon, although she is such a sweetheart I will miss her.

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Marie - it sounds like you're doing so great! I just wanted to say again how wonderful you are. And if she's walking over you instead of around you - she knows it too! :tounge2:

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Thanks Laurie,

Not to sure about the wonderdul though

What I am doing is nothing in comparision, to what you and all the other great people her spend their time doing. Still it's always nice to hear

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Don't be nuts! If you had a batch of feral kittens turn up in your yard, you'd deal with it too, believe me! We didn't go looking for them, they found us. I take absolutely no credit at all for helping them, because it wasn't intentional. I didn't have any particular affinity for cats, and my hubby HATED them. The cats deserve all the credit here, not us!!!!

So you deserve FAR more credit - you intentionally have made yourself a caretaker, and you have taken on the hardest task of all - sheltering one in need - and not keeping her, just caretaking until she has a forever home. That's worth admiring!
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Wow, I can't believe your Hubbie hated cats, Iv'e seen some of your other posts and he seems to be such a natural cat lover, he must have been converted.

Admitedly it was Richard who got me to be more of a cat lover, I always used to prefer dogs. Now I am become a mad cat lady, at least in my Mothers eyes.

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First Rocki (Booger) showed up - and I talked him in to keeping her around by feeding her so she'd keep mice away and stop raiding the garbage cans. He didn't have any particular affection for her, but she was cute and amusing - she started his heart melting.

Then the kitties turned up in the yard, and The Cat Site talked us into caring for them! THEN they started loving on him - and Lazlo was abandoned and crying - and what was there to do but bring him inside? Then we nabbed Shelly to keep Lazlo company - and with all that loving going on around here, what was he supposed to do?


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Gary sounds like a very special man

I have some "big" news, Whatsit has been letting me hold her in my arms!!

It's only been for a few minutes at a time, but she doesn't seem fazed by it at all and as soon as I've put her down again she stands still for a stroke and listens to me sing her, the good girl song, don't ask how it goes, Richard caught me doing it and thinks I have gone loopy.

She has never been picked up before, so it is really good going.

I had to spend a few days in London on a course and Richard said she had been a bit quiet and when I got back and she saw me she became estatic, she just kept turning round in circles and even flopped on her back!

Seeing as she has adjusted so well, The CPL should hopefully be able to reccomend her a bit more for rehoming.

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Oh Marie, how wonderful!!!! Your heart must have done flip-flops when she flopped over! She sounds so sweet.

Thank God you had good news! I was just in Cat S.O.S. and read Nenners TERRIBLE animal hoarding news (a woman with mental problems). I physically got sick from the story. I REALLY needed something like this!!!!!

I'm so glad you're back, I'm so glad you posted, and I'm so glad I was here to see it!!!!!!


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Marie that is such wonderful progress you have made with Whatsit! You must be s kitty miracle worker. Now you know, you will have to teach her new people the Good Girl Song when she gets adopted.
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Lol, that would be one way of having not to part with her, by scaring off potential new owners, not just with being loopy but with my not so great singing voice

It's no suprise the cats like to hear me sing it probably sounds like a yowling cat to them.

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We had a couple come round tonight and they really liked Whatsit and they decided to take her tonight

I am glad she has got a real home where she can get heaps of love and attention, but I hadn't prepared myself for this happening so soon.I feel like crying now.

On the plus side they seemed really nice and the lady has been round cats since she was a kid so she is experienced and her Mum's cat used to be very timid. Whatsist seemed to take to her as well.

I just want to thank everyone for the advise and support they gave and allowed me to talk about her when most people I know would get sick of it after 2 minutes.

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Marie - just think about all the love that Whatsit is going to get at her new home. You've done a great job, and I haven't met a fosterer yet that hasn't cried when a kitty has left for a furever home. Even the hardened ones that have been doing it for years shed a quiet tear.

Whatsit is now more prepared than ever for a new home and that's all thanks to you.

When my Mum picked up Tanya from her CP foster home Gail (the fosterer) was crying and we were both crying too!

I'm so happy for Whatsit, and you'll have many more worthy kitties looking for new homes to look after!
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Marie, you did great with Whatsit, and gave her a chance to go to that family that she may not have had otherwise. There's no shame in crying when your fosters leave for their good homes. If you didn't love them you wouldn't be doing what you are doing.

Whatsit will gets loads of love in her new home, and she's there because of the time and love you showed her first.
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