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Bra stealing bandit~LOL

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I caught the "bra stealing bandit"

What a dork he is!!
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Aw, look at the pretty pink chew toy!
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that is so funny - but bet you just couldnt get mad with that cutie face
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The look on his face is priceless..
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Originally Posted by catsRNmom View Post
The look on his face is priceless..
I know-lol. I thought I snapped one of him with it in his mouth, but guess it didnt turn out or something.....
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That hilarious!!
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Back when I was in college we used to have what we called "panty raids".
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LOL. I have a cat version of that.
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What kind of doggie is that? He's very cute!

Believe it or not, one of my cats does that too. Bandit steals my bras and takes them around the house at night, meowing pitifully the whole time. I never know where my bra will be the next morning. I let her do it. If it annoyed me, I'd put them away in a drawer... but she just enjoys it so much!
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He is a mutt....with a capital M!! He has min pin, pug, chiuhaha(spelled wrong Im sure,lol) and lhapso apso!! Yes, hes quite a mix.
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I caught my boys playing tug of war out in the yard one time with a piece of white material. On closer examination, it was a pair of my panties. I have a cat who likes to raid the laundry basket and particularly likes panties and bras. He would drag them downstairs to where the dogs stay and obviously the dogs found them and brought them outside to play.

Little buggers!!
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Bless his heart.......he looks so innocent !

My Simba was a Bra Bandit when he was around 6 months old.....he'd run in the bathroom while I take a shower, grab the bra, and run like hell with it! Never did understand what was so fun about running with a bra trailing behind him but he got a real charge out of it. At 9 years old now, he's matured past those silly antics but I sure love remembering that .
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Awwww ma, i hope you didn't take away his new chew toy
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