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Cat prefers grass to food

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Okay I have two cats, one is a vaccum she'll eat her food and my other cats food if I let her (and sometimes I do 'cause I'm tired of seeing food go to waste). My other cat Frenchie is a bit of a princess, she prefers chunky to pate (which is problematic due to the Nutro recall) and barely eats 1/4 a cup of dry a day and so she poops about every three days (really hard poops). She had some cat grass with her when I got her from the shelter, it started to smell so I threw it out. Then after reading about constipation I when and brought her some more grass, now it seems like she's eating grass because she doesn't like her food? Now what do I do? I've tried pumpkin, she ate it the first time but she won't eat it anymore and she seems to have a problem with food that has been re-heated.
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You might see if she'll eat baby food squash or sweet potato, instead of the pumpkin.

You say she doesn't like reheated food. Will she eat it cold? I threw away Leopold's leftover food for 9 years before I realized that he would happily eat it cold, with no stomach upset . It's generally not recommended, but if that's the cat's preference and they tolerate it, I don't fight it.

I'm not sure about the grass. Maybe just offer it to her at certain times...and put it away otherwise.
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grass is a digestive aid....

I would try sheba tubs or meow mix till the recall thing is figured out
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See I thought of that and my fear is that she'll get addicted to that stuff and I'll have a hard time getting her off being that she's so picky. I've only had her for a couple of weeks so I'm still trying her out with different premium wet brands (No Evolve, Wellness or Natural Balance, she'll eat some Spots Stew but with Nutro Max cat she'd lick the bowl clean). I've got some Merrick and California Natural coming hopefully she'll eat that.
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I think it's okay to give as much grass as the cat wants. As long as your cat tolerates it well; it makes some cats throw up, but otherwise it's good for them. I also have a cat who eats a ton of grass... he adores it, eats some of it with every meal.

I don't think your cat is eating grass instead of the food. The food issue is probably separate... just a matter of finding a food she likes.
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