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Am So Angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It was a BEAUTIFUL MORNING as I walked out to my car this morning to go to work.. What did I see???

NO CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Immediately I thought- uh oh! My car got stolen!

I went back into my apt and decided to call my apt complex FIRST to see if by any chance my car was towed before I called the police (couldn't think of any reason why my car would be towed but..)... Called my apt complex... They told me to call tow company so I called them and asked..

They said yes, we towed your car. I was so SHOCKED! I asked WHY would you do that? My parking permit is current! They said well your tag expired..

I said well I got a temporary printed tag and put it in the back window. Did you think to look there????? After a pause, they said they did look and it expired on March 11th. I was sooooo PISSED. I said I do have the new sticker in my purse but haven't had a chance to put it on the license plate.
I asked why in the world would they tow a car in MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!
The IDIOTS actually said "It was not middle of night. It was 3 am in the morning." I said, "HUH? That's middle of night! HELLO!?"

Now they're telling me I have to pay over $120 to get my car out. I spent over an hour trying to find a friend who would be able to drive me out to get my car before 5 pm (they said if it's after 5 pm, the fee will increase).

I am already BROKE from spending over $500 on my cats for blood tests due to the recall and now I have to find $120 to pay to get my stupid car back!!

I am TRYING to think positive- Thank goodness the test results showed nothing wrong with my cats.. BUT SO MUCH MONEY GONE IN ONE MONTH!

Guess I have to postpone buying a home for a couple more months and live longer on Mac & Cheese.

IT WILL BE SO HARD FOR ME TO BE CIVIL TO THEM WHEN I GO TO GET MY CAR....Please send me vibes that I can be civil to them when I get my car.. I am trying to remind myself that they're just doing their jobs but still... Why can't they give me a warning notice or ticket first!? I found out after reading my lease that my apt complex has the right to have cars towed without notice so I can't complain about it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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Oh no!! I wouldnt wanna be civil......but I will send you some vibes that you can be!! ((BE CIVIL))

Good luck sweetie.
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That is ridiculous!!!! These people have nothing better to do than looking for license plates that have expired in the middle of the night. I'll send you civil vibes, but I don't feel civil about it and it isn't even my car.

THe good news is it wasn't stolen, right?

Good luck!
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Man I would be so P.O.'d too!! They should have a record of the parking permit??
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I know exactly how you feel. My car was towed for the first time a couple of weeks ago when I went to visit someone and was told I could park anywhere in the parking lot. Did this person help me pay the $152 towing cost? Of course not!

I'm sorry this happened to you.
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I hear your frustration and anger but as you said, it's not their fault you didn't put your sticker on. My hubby is one of the world's biggest procrastinators and most times he gets away with it, but every once in awhile he gets caught.

He's also "frugal" (I say cheap) - one time he refused to pay $4.00 for parking in downtown Toronto which I thought was pretty darn good, but he parked in the CN station. Our car was towed to the tune of $120. It would have been much cheaper to pay the $4.00
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I'm so sorry about your car

They are very strict where I live about that too, and I'm always worried I'll be 5 minutes late leaving on a street cleaning day or something and get towed.
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Oh I would be sooo pissed also, but try to work all of that out before you go to pick it up..then stay calm, don't try to reason with these people. I tried once, and it went nowhere...sending stay calm <<vibes>> during your pickup of your car. I am sorry that you are having to go through all of this...
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