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Stubborn kitty

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We've had our new kitty for about a month now. She's great, but she's so stubborn! When we start eating she comes a running. She jumps and climbs up our legs or the furniture and tries to get into our plates. I counted the other day and I picked her up and put her on the floor over 50 times in one meal! Another extra "problem" is those little claws trying to climb you over and over.

I've tried feeding her at the same time we eat, but our food must smell much better. She's worse than our two dogs added together.

My husband has suggested putting her in another room and shutting the door while we eat, but that doesn't feel like we're solving the problem, just avoiding it.

Please tell me that if we continue to move her, with a firm NO she'll eventually get the message (I remember doing the same thing with my two year old son when he thought climbing the stairs would be fun).
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Hi- You must be at our house at dinne time!

If you are feeding kitty table scraps, stop doing so. When you are eating, put a plate of nice tasty food in another room, put kitty in the room and shut the door. The minute you finish eating, let her out. Be sure there is a litter box in the room and water as well.

She is quite young and probably every enticed by your good home cooking. She will learn that she is not allowed on the table, or in the middle of your plate, but right now the best way to teach her is to put her off into another room. Put toys in with her so she doesn't think she is being punished.

Good luck!
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Theoretically, she should eventually get the point. You may want to add another deterrant, too. Try putting a few pennies in an empty soda can, tape up the top, and shake it when she starts climbing you. Or better yet, have hubby shake it when you give him a signal. You want her to think that every time she climbs you for food this bad noise happens, but not associate the noise with you per se. It will disrupt dinner for a while, but obviously she already does this.

Hope this helps!
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I think hissy came up with the best suggestion and perhaps keep telling her a firm NO all the time will enventually work. I have the same problem with my cat when I'm preparing meat for dinner.

Keep putting them down and saying "no" is hard work especially when they're stuborn !
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Thanks for all the suggestions. Pumpkin actually does seem to be getting better. She tries to climb up a few times and then she gives up. It's progress.
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That's great maybe it's slow, but at least she's learning
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