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Hepatic Lipidosis not getting better

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Zeesa (that's my kitty girl, not me) is going back to AMC this morning. IT's not going as well as I thought it would after getting her home last Friday. She hides from me, feedings through the e-tube are very labor intensive, which I wouldn't mind if she should could keep the food down. She has thrown up once a day since bringing her home. She keeps some food down, but one of three feeding comes up. I've been on the phone with doctors and they want to see her again just to make sure the tube is in the right place, repeat blood work and ultrasounds, etc. I miss my Zeesa so much. I wish she could just remember how to eat. I'm trying to stay positive, but finding myself thinking the worst... Thank God that my boyfriend is the strong one because right now, I'm just a puddle.
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I'm sorry things aren't going easily for your girl.

I would guess that she's on some anti-vomiting meds already. She might need a different dose or possibly a different medication. You're taking her to the best place possible for ill kitties so they should be able to determine the cause of Zeesa's vomiting.

I know how hard it is to stay strong when your baby's ill, so I give you credit for trying (and your BF too). Just remember you have to be positive for Zeesa's sake - cats are very intuitive and they know when you're upset.

I'm sending lots of good thoughts Zeesa's way (and to you too)- please continue to let us know how she's doing.
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Sweetie, dealing with a cat with hepatic lipidosis is a roller coaster ride. Zeesa won't get over this in a week; odds are it will be a couple of months before she decides to eat on her own again. One of the most important things you can do when you feed her is keep calm. If you're stressed, she'll feel it. If you can manage smaller feedings thru-out the day, it might help, too. It's great that your boyfriend seems so willing to help. This is an incredibly hard time for any pet owner and, truly, it's just begun. As I said in your original post regarding Zeesa you have to be strong for her; without you she won't make it. BTW, did you read the posts concerning Beazy? If not, please find them in the search option and check them out; that will give you an idea of what to expect.

I would guess that she's on some anti-vomiting meds already.
You haven't mentioned whether or not your girl is on any meds of this sort. If she isn't, she really needs to be. ( I was also giving my kitties chamomile tea (in a syringe) for their nausea.)

Sending big hugs to you & Zeesa. You CAN do this.
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They didn't give me any meds last time I was there... I will definitly ask them about it today. Hopefully that will help. I have a suspiction that there is something up with the tube. It keeps slipping out about 1/2 inch or so, and it is not easy to gently slip back in.

I didn't find the Beazy posts, but I'll look again because my head has been elsewhere, and I may not have searched for it correctly.

Thanks again... I always feel better after reading these.

I will let you know what happens at the doctor today...
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I have had recent experience with Hepatic lididosis. My cat, Jake, had it in October. He went from around 11 lbs to 5.8 lbs in a short amount of time. He spent 3 days in hospital getting IV fluids, nutrition and antibiotics. He was sent home on oral antibiotics and I had to syringe feed him 3-4 times a day (no feeding tube). He started eating a tiny bit on his own within 24 hours but I had to sit by him and coax him. All in all I think it took 2-3 weeks of syringe feeding and coaxing for him to be eating enough on his own to survive and be gaining weight. He's now 12 lbs and very playful and active! To be honest, not all cases of fatty liver turn out this well. But it is possible and I hope I've given you a bit of hope.
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I have had this experience. FHL can be beat, but you need to be aggressive with treatment and gentle with handling your cat. Feed slower, take breaks if you have to. Pet your kitty and love on her as much as she can tolerate.

If you go to the health section of this website (not the forums) you will find my article about this dreadful yet common disease that cats get. There are tips within to help you cope and hope that you two will come out in the end okay.

Good Luck
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