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Neutering Adult Cat

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We adopted a cat from the shelter on Sunday. He is 1 year old, and was listed as stray/at large. He is not neutered yet. We had him scheduled to be neutered on Wednesday (yesterday), but he developed a URI and fever, so we now have it tentatively scheduled for next Tuesday. The vet said it is possible he will still have his fever, as the URIs can take 1 to 2 weeks to run their course. I am a little nervous about him being unneutered, as I am worried he will start spraying.

The first day or two we had him, he was using the litterbox a lot. Yesterday he peed on the floor (not spray) and today he found an empty shoe box and peed in it. His nose is really stuffy, so we are wondering if he is having trouble finding his litterbox. I keep putting him in the litterbox to remind him where it is. Also, I heard you can put baking soda in the litterbox to get rid of the smell, which I did, and I am wondering if he doesn't like that. (His pee smells really bad.) I am using a litterbox from our previous cat, which I cleaned well, but I have heard they can get smells in them after awhile, so today I am going to buy a new litterbox and fresh litter and try that.

Has anybody had cats neutered this late? Someone told me once they start spraying, you can't get them to stop. But like I said above, this does not look like spraying, but maybe because he does not feel well.

Any other ideas/suggestions?
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I've had 3 year old males neutered w/o any problems. I've had URI cats w/o toilet troubles.
Ask your vet to make sure he does not have UTI as well. Hope he gets well soon.
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I found a 10 year old stray that was unneutered. Getting him fixed immediately was the best thing in the world for all of us. He was good about his litter box but frankly, I caught him and ran him straight to the vets before I brought him into my house.

Your poor boy was first in a shelter, now in a new home and is sick on top of it. I suggest stop using the baking powder for the time being, add a little dirt to the top of the litter box (he was probably used to going outside), get him over the URI and let him neutralize in his environment. Then you can start trying things like baking powder again.

Nice job adopting an adult!!
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The infection could be what's causing him to go outside the litter box. If urinating is causing him any pain he may be associating that pain w/ the box and not the peeing so he thinks if he avoids the box he'll avoid the pain. I would still get him neutered. I don't think 1 year is that old and what you've described isn't spraying. Hopefully he gets better soon and his be back in the box.
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Especially because you say he was first "using the litterbox A LOT", and now is using the really sounds like he could have a urinary tract infection on top of the URI he has. It could just be stress, but in a male, a urinary problem can become serious quickly. Caught early, it's easily treated though.
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Strangely enough I bought him a new litterbox, and he is now using it. The other one I had was from our previous cat, and I had cleaned it, but maybe he smelled something. I guess he wants his own stuff.
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Mmhm. He could've felt intimidated by the other cat's scent. Nice job figuring it out! How's he doing? URI going away?
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He's not feeling very well. I feel bad for him. He is very congested, and he is not eating much. It seems when he tries to eat, he starts sneezing and can't breath. If he isn't better by tomorrow a.m., I may call the vet again. I thought my previous cat was given a decongestant for his URI, but maybe I am wrong. He is just on amoxicillin. I am going to get him some wet food, but I'm afraid to buy much of it because of this recall.
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I don't have any advice, but I hope your little guy gets well soon! It's not fun having a sick kitty, but you're doing a good job and it sounds like he has a good home now.
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If he is pretty congested you might want to ask your vet if they feel chlorpheniramine would help in this situation and what dosage would be appropriate for your cat. We used to use at the shelter for cats to relieve congestion. I hope your boy feels better soon!
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My kitties love the smell of Vicks Vap-O-Rub. If you have any, you could let him sniff it. The worst that can happen is he does not like it and won't smell it, and it could get him some relief for his congestion. I hope he feels better soon.
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