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Hi all! I'm new to the forum, and I have a new cat. I just wanted to introduce myself and my cat and maybe ask for a little bit of help. I have an older cat, named Shammie, she does not live with me..my grandfather kind of became attached to her as well as her to him so i decided to leave her with him and adopt another one from the local humane society. I picked up my new cat just this week, so i've only had her for a few days, but i can't seem to come up with a name for her. She's an orange/red tabby and she's 13 months old. She's not overly 'prissy' nor overly 'mischievous'. I know in looking at my other cat "Shammie" that her name was perfect, but I can't seem to come up with a perfect name for my new cat. Any suggestions would be lovely. Thanks!
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Welcome to the site! I'm sure you will love it here. We love hearing all about everyone's kitties, all the cute, funny and even naughty things they do.

For names, well, we came up with a whole thread of them - over 600 names to choose from! Favorite Names

Of course, most agree that kitties name themselves, but it's always good to have many many names to choose from. One person said a fun game to play in choosing a name, especially if you can't decide, is to write the names on pieces of paper, crumple them up throw them about on the floor. Whichever one kitty starts playing with first is her new name.
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Welcome to the group
Good luck with finding a new name. Not one of my good skills that one...lol
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Glad your here!

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