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Well as of tonight my DH and I decided that the only foods besides kibble that Karma gets will only be if we will eat it first. Neither one of us would ever eat wet cat food of any kind unless we were stuck on a desert island and were starving to death. So because of this we plan to make ALL her wet food. Some days she may get canned tuna or chicken or if we feel like spending the money crab.
The recepie Sharky sent me is all foods my DH and I love so we have no problem feeding them to her. I do need to know some things though. Are ther good inks for what a cat needs to be healthy? I plan on going and talking with my vet in the next couple of weeks. She is really good and hopefully can recomend some things. Also there is a bakery right down the street from me that makes homemade cat and dog food. I will be paying them a visit as well. I need to know what to monotor. Any advise or ideas are greatly appreciated. I think this cource of action is best. I don't think I will ever trust premade wet food again, even once it is deemed safe. Karma is like my child, why would I put her though that.