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Friday's DT

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TGIF! I can't wait to get out of work today - it is actually busy for a change and it is interfering in my TCS time! How rude! LOL!

Other then the fact I can't swallow I am doing ok today. Unfortunately - for my job I talk all day on the phones so that isn't helping. I an able to get down tea and that is helping. 1/2 hour to lunch so I can be quiet then! At least here with the site I do my talking with my hands, so you guys can't shut me up! I can still blather away!

Anyone have plans for the weekend? Hubby is so excited that tomorrow is Breeder's Cup (biiig horse race). He loves it! He has taped it every year since it started (well portions of each one, specifically the odds, the post parade, race and the winnings). I will try to be good with food tommorrow (should be a prob if I can't swallow) - we usually have wings, chips and hubby has beer and I have coke. I think will will have soup and popsicles!
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Yeah it's Friday! About time, too. Gosh this week has dragged, but that's typical of weeks when you have nothing to do. It's actually getting a bit scary here. Even the accountant told me she is getting nervous about the company. The owners have no clue about money, won't take any suggestions on how to save some, we have already gone through one round of layoffs (2 people, but since the company only had 21 that's a lot), and the workload is still getting slower. There are no yearly bonuses this year because, well, there isn't enough profit for bonuses. Gosh darnnit I finally find a good company to work for, where they appreciate me and it is really close to home, and if something drastic doesn't happen it won't be that long before it closes its doors. OK, maybe I'm overreacting a bit. The economy has to pick up again, doesn't it?

OK, well, I don't know where all that came from. I don't have any plans for the weekend. I should do some cleaning, but we'll see how it goes.
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Actually, on a lighter note, I have share something my silly girl did last night.

We have a box at the end of the bed, with their velvet tree skirt on it that both kitties love to lay on. It's a good place for them to wait for us while we get all adjusted for bed before they come and snuggle. Ophelia has also figured out that the heat from the air vent blows right on the box.

Last night, she was all curled up on me sleeping. She hears the heater kick on, wakes up a little and walks down to the box. She sits down, doesn't lay down or go back to sleep, but just sits there while the heater is on. As soon as the heater quits, she sleepily strolls back up my legs and curls up again on me to go to sleep! What a silly little girl she is!
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This week is dragging. Only, two more days and I'm a lady of leisure!

Nobody woke me up, this morning and I slept until 8:00. When I got home, last night, that empty printer box was all the way across the living room. Its been almost thre months, since I bought the printer. I haven't had the heart to throw away the box, though - the cats have been having so much fun with it.

I think that I've started something, at work. I know of at least three others, who are looking for other, better jobs. Nobody wants to be around for the Christmas rush. The trees are, already, up and decorated at the store.

Have a good weekend, all.
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I am glad its Friday, but it hasn't been a very good one.

I had to take my guinea pig, Fred back to the vet today. She kept him and he has to have the teeth cut again. This is not good.

If it doesn't work this time I am faced with the option of putting him to sleep. I have some friends on a guinea pig board who are helping me out with this one.

My husband is going out of town today, so its just me and Kiki.

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Hubby will come home tonight! We have tons to do tomorrow. We are having duel paned windows put in next Wed and I have to move the flower beds from under the windows and the standard "clean out the garage" that never get finished Hope you guys have a happy weekend!
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Oh, good, Heidi! I'm going to brag about my baby too! Precious, my female Siamese, found a tightly rolled up piece of cardboard and was chasing it everywhere and throwing it in the air; you know the "I'm a great hunter, and this is my mouse!" act. Well, she brought it to me and dropped it at my feet. I bounced it on my hand and said, "Go get the Mousie!" And she DID, over and over and over and --well, it's two days later and I'm still calling cardboard a mousie and throwing it for her to fetch. I know; lots of cats play fetch, but I've never had one do it, and she's four years old and started it by herself. I'm so proud! Hmmmm---should I market this great, new toy?

Adrienne, Go home and sip the Rockin' Rye. By the teaspoon, that is, not the cupful!
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Yea it's Friday!! If I wasn't so burnt out I'd be doing a little celebration dance but I think I'll just sit and tap my foot to the music in my head. (Yep, I HAVE lost it offically now)

Following a hectic day at work I come home to a sink full of dishes that were not there when I left this morning, dinner needing to be made and my 6 year old nephew chasing my cats around. I felt like my head was going to explode!!

Luckily, I decided to save the dishes for tomarrow, I managed to throw together a decent dinner and Tyler's dad came picked him up shortly after. Whew!

Jeanie I think you have a million dollar idea on your hands there, don't let it get away. BTW I'll take 4 of them please!
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Jessica, Your order's on its way!

:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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Boy, am I glad this week is over. It has not been a very good one for me. Problem is that I'm not quite sure why yet. I hate when that happens. it just seems there really was not much I could do this week that ended okay. If I wasn't breaking something, I was spilling it or tripping over it or.......

I have been here at TCS as much as I could but haven't been posting much. Hopefully, next week will be better.

Wishing everyone a great week-end!
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Oh Ady...I am so sorry to hear about your sore throat!! And we would never want to shut you up...we love you!!!

Heidi...I totally understand you being scared about your job!!!!! Even though I want so badly to be able to stay home with Amber, and can't (financially) I would hate to lose my job....I have been with this company for 13 years, and have never seen things look so bad.....I am afraid our doors will be closing quite soon if something does not change.

Our production manager quit....took a job a walmart, for way less pay, because he "saw the writing on the wall" as he put it, and was tired of the crap from our corporate office (they basically own the Iowa company, and are based in Indiana) and the Plant manager....the head boss at my factory stepped down (voluntarily) to a lower position, because he said he couldn't deal with the stress...he had been my boss for 12 of the 13 years)...so Indiana sent over some of their wonderful guys to "straighten" us out....we now have a new boss...this is all in the 3 weeks I have been back to work....this new guy, is young....good looking...so I thought..."well hmmmm, things are looking up"....NOT!!!!!!! Yesterday he spent an hour in a meeting with the whole plant, telling us over and over that we were all idiots (his EXACT words) and that if things didn't turn around in a few weeks, "heads were gonna roll"

I have the feeling this place is going down...

Nicki....I am so sorry about Fred's teeth!!! I hope you don't have to put him down!!!!!!

I am so mentally disturbed tonight...that one of the exciting parts of my evening is this...
A fly was annoying the crap out of me while I was on the computer...I tried swatting it with a fly swatter...missed every darned time. So then when I heard this odd buzzing noise coming from the corner of the room, I had to go check it out...there was the fly...hanging upside down in a tiny spider web...I couldn't even believe that a web that small was holding it...and then, out of nowhere came these two teeny tiny spiders....they were so small, their body's were only maybe a quarter of the size of the flies body...that's pretty small. They immediately started in on that fly...one on either side...spinning a web all over him, he fought a good fight...but... in the end....he lost.

Told you I was mentally disturbed tonight...:LOL: I was actually enjoying watching this whole scenario.... :laughing:
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I had an interesting one this morning. Caught Jorin drinking out of toilet while I was getting dressed. He jumped down when I came in, and I scooted him out of the bathroom with my foot and scolded him. Tiger came running in and up to Jorin where he was cowering guiltily. Then Tiger did the most amazing thing I've ever seen! He put his arm over Jorin's back and snuggled with him, and shot me an angry glare! It was so human I was scared!
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