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Vomiting not related to recall? Long post

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I have just registered and want to post a bit of info hopefully for some assurances that what my cat is experiencing is not because of the recall and that I am just over reacting.

My Baxter is a 10 year old neutered Ragdoll who has been eatings IAMS DRY food all his life - kitten food to adult to indoor formula.

More than 4 weeks ago he began vomiting. This has happened every so often in the past 10 years due to hairballs so I was not worried. Sometimes two or three times in a few days - hairball shows up and all is OK. Throughout he is fine - eating, using his box and being his normal self.

But this time it continued on and off for over a week with no hairball that I could see so off to the vet. Complete physical, history and bloodwork - all levels fine.
That was Feb 16th. He was to be given Laxatone 2 times a day and hopefully the hairball would pass. Some did - in his stool and in one big retch.

For several days he was fine - still eating, drinking but not passing stool daily like he did before - less often but I think because of the lack of keeping down food.

Still only eating IAMS dry indoor formula.

On Feb 25th he began vomiting again and avoiding his dry food so I gave him IAMS canned ground food (not slices or bits and pieces). He ate it fine on and off but vomited daily - no obvious hairballs but I have 2 pugs who might have, um, eaten the evidence so to speak so I cannot be sure.

On Feb 7th back to vet for X rays which revealed no obvious obstructions and we were sent home with metoclopramide 1/4 pill 2 times a day. The vomiting stopped for several days while on the meds and again he acted normally - he is very affectionate and was purring and rubbing into me as usual.

I stupidly stopped the meds thinking all was well, continued his dry and wet food and he was fine. I purchased Fancy Feast Variety pouches and he ate several tablespoons in the morning and in the evening.

On March 17th he began vomiting again and I got really scared because of the recall so I called my vet. We discussed when the vomiting began, what the blood tests showed and what foods he ate.

He told me not to be concerned because:
--- vomiting began well before recall
--- vomiting began while he was eating IAMS dry ONLY - no wet at all
--- blood tests were all normal (no renal or liver issues)
--- the wet foods he is eating now (the FF) and the IAMS ground he ate earlier are not those on the recall list at all.
--- no excessive thirst or urination

I immediately began the med again and so far no more vomiting but for the past two days he has been very quiet, hiding under the bed and seems "sad".
I made him bland small meals of rice, boiled chicken and a squeeze of tuna which he has eaten and not thrown up now for two days.

If there is more vomiting the vet recommended an upper GI series with barium once he finishes the meds for at least 48 hours.

I am very worried because of this quiet behavior the last two days since beginning the meds again.

I never had a cat before Baxter and am only familiar with his cat behavior. I have no other cats to compare him to so ... do cats act "quiet and sulky" when the are having GI issues? This sounds like the stupidest question, I know, but I need some assurance.

I am what my friends say is a dog person. Yes, I am more familiar with the habits of dogs so I came here for advice, opinions and wisdom.
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I am more of a dog person too, so I don't know what to tell you about Baxter.

But I am sending you hugs and prayers from Mississippi, I hope Baxter gets to feeling better soon.

Please keep us updated on how he is doing.

By the way, welcome to the site, you will finds lots of friendly people here who will help you with your questions.
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Welcome to TCS. I have a 6 1/2 m/o kitten. When she had her 1st vac. she was fine, vet said she may have reaction, didn't seem to. When she had the next 2 vac. she was very lethargic the next day. I was worried because she's a very active kitten, stopped scratching/biting us as she usually did daily. Also off food. 2nd day she was back to normal.
When she was spayed 6 weeks ago, I put on her Revolution when she came home day after op. Vet said it would be OK to do so. The next day she was again off her food & very quiet. Not realizing this was probably it I took her to the vet & she was thourghly checked over & found to be OK. Vet was puzzled.
Then next day I remembered the Revolution.
This doesn't get to the bottom of your kitty's problem but shows he might be over taxed with his meds. Hopefully this is it & he doesn't have anything more serious.
I hope he's feeling well soon.
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Welcome! It sounds like your cat didn't eat the affected food and you said his renal studies were fine so I believe your vet is probably correct and I would follow his instruction.
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Originally Posted by mzjazz2u View Post
Welcome! It sounds like your cat didn't eat the affected food and you said his renal studies were fine so I believe your vet is probably correct and I would follow his instruction.
Exactly my thought ....
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Well, it does sound like it is unrelated to the recall. This is ringing a bell with me - someone had a cat that did have something similar - and pooped a lot of hair. But even so I don't think that was the end of it. Maybe if you do a search of the site on "hairballs"?? (I don't know why, but I keep thinking it was really bad constipation...)

Also, yes, cats are sulky and quiet when they are sick. Some even hide. We almost lost one that hid under the stairs while we were on vacation. Speaking of which - that cat had an intestinal obstruction...but that makes them REALLY sick.

One thing that is good to feed them, whether diarrhea or constipated is some canned pumpkin (without spices.) I'm glad you and Baxter are here, and I hope you figure out what is going on with him!
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Sending you good healing energy... I'm dealing with a sick 7 year old kitty right now (different from what's going on with Baxter) but it is very difficult. Try to keep positive... I've just joined this forum as well and found that it is very helpful to have the support of total strangers. Good luck.
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Thanks for all the replies and well wishes - it really eases my mind. Just seeing typed out in my post I am most assured it is unrelated to the recall.

Last night he had a small home made meal with his med and just again this morning. He is more peppy right now - following me around and trying to catch my fingers on the keyboard as I type.

I am concerned he is not eating his dry food since that always was his diet before this issue and he always had a "bm' every morning. Now that there is a lot less food being digested that is not the case. I sort of figured if there was a batch of hair that if it didn't get thrown up it would pass out the opposite end.

I am not seeing that yet and isn't it fun to check? LOL!

Hopefully as he gets better and his GI tract normalizes he will again be eating his dry. If not I am going to have to slowly introduce him to a high quality canned because I am sure the home made food I am making right now to keep his belly calm is not nutritionally complete.

I heard about the canned pumpkin from a friend - is the idea behind that the fiber in it? I will ask my vet when Baxter returns for his follow up which again, I hope does not have to result in an upper GI series. He does have about a weeks more pills and I am hopeful this will just be a matter of time, simple diet and lots of love.

Thanks again !
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Originally Posted by AnnmarieDSLR View Post
I am concerned he is not eating his dry food since that always was his diet before this issue and he always had a "bm' every morning. Now that there is a lot less food being digested that is not the case. I sort of figured if there was a batch of hair that if it didn't get thrown up it would pass out the opposite end.
Maybe his throat hurts from the he avoids the dry, or else he just really prefers your cooking . Does he turn or stick out his head in a strange way, when he swallows? Might have the vet look at his throat if you haven't already. I hope Baxter will be on the mend soon.

With no dry food, they poop A LOT less. That's what I've observed.
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Absolutely pooping a lot less. He is still eating his home made food - boiled chicken, rice and a bit of tuna. I am also adding a tiny bit of pumpkin as suggested though he sort of eats around that. Fresh water available all times of the day as well as a bowl of dry but he is not interested in that.

Well during the night he threw up a very dark puddle of ??? i cannot fathom what he could have eaten that is that color. Even if he ate dry that is very pale.

I called the vet and as long as there are no other symptoms over the weekend which would constitute a trip to the ER vet he is scheduled for an upper and lower GI series.

I am wondering if there is a blockage in his intestines and what he threw up is something going in reverse if you know what I mean. The only other thing that comes to mind is dried blood. The vet and I discussed that but it was not bright at all so we are not thinking fresh blood or I would be at the vet right now.

He is in very good spirits I have to say. Even did unmentionable things to a stuffed dog toy last night.

Ate his meal this morning but no med - must discontinue that for 48 hours before the test and of course no food or water after midnight on Sunday.

I honestly hope the test revelas something because the unknown is much worse that the known at this point. If it is a a hairball or impaction then it is a big one and will have to be removed surgically. We will be keeping a very close eye on hom until Monday.

Thanks for the replies.
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Hello - I hope your Baxter will be alright, it seems like alot of stress for a 10 year old (or a cat of any age). Hope the vet can find out what's wrong with him.

I don't know much about hairballs, and I was wondering if you brush your cat daily? My cat cries to be brushed way too many times every day, but she has to be the most brushed cat ever, and I've never seen a hairball from her. Also, this is a longshot, but could he have dental disease? That could affect other parts of the body, in cats and in humans.

My cat has liver disease and breathing problems, and at one time I felt she was taking too many pills for her ailments. Her liver infection was taken care of with fluids and antibiotics, and more pills for her breathing. Her behavior gradually changed, she became quiet, somewhat fearful (always expecting a nasty pill)., and she took to hiding. I asked the vet about this because she threw up, and he said it was alright to take her off the pills. I think she was just too stressed out.

And I also think most cats don't drink enough water, so I feed mine Meow Mix pouches for now and sometimes baby food, especially when she doesn't feel well. Perhaps if you bought Baxter one of those fountains, he might drink more? It seems they love to drink running water. All that retching must make Baxter dehydrated. More water may help him have a BM. When my cat has a liver infection and throws up, the vet gives her fluids and she perks up.

Am crossing my fingers that his tests show something minor and treatable.
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Let me add my welcome and good hopes for Baxter, too. As for that dark puddle... sometimes if you don't have anything left to vomit, bile can come up, and it can look dark. But it sounds as if he was not that empty... was he?

Is there a reason why you've kept him on dry food in the past? We've all been told different things by different vets, but as you read the threads on this site, one thing that becomes pretty clear is that wet food is generally considered healthier. The additional moisture is good for them, and the oils help hairballs pass on through more easily. I think it's great that you've introduced wet food now -- that may eventually eliminate some of his gastric problems.

I'm glad you're having the GI series done -- and I hope they find something simple and easy to fix. Give Baxter a snuggle for me!
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