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Friskies food

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So I bout some Friskies Shedded Turkey and Cheese in Gravy to give Karma a special treat. I know somewhere someone mentioned if it was safe or not. I can not find the post to safe my life. So is it safe? I was giving her human tuna but she is staring to gas me out and I want her back on wet food. I got a recipie from Sharky but need to wait untill payday so I can buy the ingredients. Where is the link to all the brands that are safe, I think it was Sharky who started it but am not sure.
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purina's statement:

it's supposed to be safe. i normally feed friskies in gravy for the guys breakfast, but until this all blows over we are on pate style only foods. FF is also ok, but again we are only doing wheat gluten free canned foods.
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Friskies is safe.
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My cats LOVE Friskie's Turkey and Cheese, second to that is shredded salmon and chicken in gravy. I know it's not the best out there, but the alternative works right now.
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Thank you guys thats what I wanted to know. Last night we decided that from here on out Karma will ony get food we make her. Basicly if we wont eat the ingredients that make up her food she wont get it. I just dont want to risk it. We will still give her kibble but the wet food will be home made.
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