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Everyone I would like to introduce Tatyana! - Page 2

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Well - I could not think of anything else! This time change stinks!
Cold here too ya know!
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I think we have decided that everyone is coming for a visit - I hope you have the space Bundy!
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Goodmorning all

Just thought I would give you another picture of Tatyana before I hop over to the kittens thread and post some photos there. I think I have now become a full time photographer heheheh!!!

Now I am making preparations for bedding for you all please let me know how many of you are coming (all wellcome) and I will start stock piling the food and towels. We will have such a big party Woo Hoo!!!

Oh and by the way!!!!!!! Thanks to Louise! poor Tatyana was totaly exhausted until about 11.45 pm last night when magically she regained her strength and playfulness!!! Ahem!!!
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Tatyana is such a cutie!
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AWWW, She is just so beautiful! I know I already said that earlier, but wanted to say it again! I want to come to visit you too!!!
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Thank you so much for all you kind replies! I am so infatuated with her. Tatyana and I have our first show this Weekend coming so I am so nervous. I just hope she has a bit of fun with it. It doesn't mater if she wins anything I think she is still a bit young but it will be good experiance for both of us. I will just have to take the camera with and post pictures of the show

I wish I could fly you all here! We would all have so much fun. Now imagine all of us in one place with all our cats???? Dear oh Dear!!!!:tounge2:
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I wish you much luck with the show! Keep us posted! She is such a darling!
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Thanks Debby Will do!

It looks like Tatyana has made friends with at least one of the others LOL!!!
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Awwww she's such a little cutey pie
Hey...you didn't tell me you were entering the show this weekend...lol!
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She could certainly win any photo contest you put her in! Enjoy the show and enjoy ALL our visits!
I will need a supply of Pop-tarts - of course seperate from Bodlovers! She hogs them all!
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AAAWWWWW! I love that pic of Tatyana and Amelie. Those kittens look like they are so big by themselves, then we see them next to a 12 week old, and they are teeny again.

Both are just such sweeties!
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Hey!! thats sooo not true Deb!!! You know I'm extremely generous with my Pop-Tarts!! I always let you have a bite from every box I eat!! (and you love the taste of the cardboard don't you!?!?!? hahaha )
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