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Everyone I would like to introduce Tatyana!

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Finally she is here!!!!!! My Russian Blue arrived tonight (only an hour late)in good shape, very affectionate and purring like crazy!!! We got her home and she has been into everything and acting very much like a clumsy Teenager. I love her so much already (even before I met her) she is devine in my eyes. Harry refuses to come in, Hayley sniffed and smacked her (lightly) on the top of the head (I think Hayley is trying to tell her the Hayley is the boss) And Amy is hissing and unsure what to do. BUT!!!! The 3 kittens are following her arouns and playing with her, they are much younger than Tatyana but I think they will be friends. Will keep them al separated for a few days with supervised visits and hopefully things will settle down.

I can't believe she is actually here!!! It seems like it's been such a long wiat, thank you all for helping me through it!

I have some pictures!!! (as if I wouldn't LOL) Sorry to do this to you all once again but I just wanted to share her with you.

Straight into play time!!! She needed to get rid of excess energy (and still is at 1.30am (yawn)
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A kiss hello!
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What an absolute DARLING!
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At the PC, looks like she is wondering if that is her she see's
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She's GORGEOUS! It looks like she has a lot of purrsonality. It's great the kits will have someone to play with.
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I thought she might have been getting tired!!......Yeah right!!! didn't last long LOL!
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What a beauty she is! She does look like she has a ton of purrsonality. Poor Harry is being overrun by girls! No wonder he isn't happy.
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Thanks guys you are all so kind!!!

Finally she has curled up in my lap to have a snooze, I would take a photo but I don't want to disturb her LOL!!!
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I know you will have a couple of sleepless months as she runs off her teen energy! I so well remember those nights of mad tearing around the house! Good luck and sweet, although short, dreams!
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What a beauty! I am so jealous. Give her some snuggles from her cyber auntie Ady! How much is an airline ticket from Toronto to Australia and does everyone on the site want to pitch in to help send me there! I think Bundy will need help with all of the cats in her house!
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Thank you Thank you Thank you all!!!!!! I am such a proud mummy with way too many kids LOL (and time)

DragonLady I think you are right, with 3 kittens 4 weeks old and now Tatyana I don't think sleep is an option. Thank goodness for TCS!!!

I wish I could fly you over Ady, I need do need your help and company on the sleepless nights ahead!!!!!!!
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Ok - I am starting a collection to send me to assist my friend Bundy! Come on my friends - pony up some change so I can go to the land of kangaroos and kittens!
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What a beautiful kitten!!! I think the picture of her by your computer is soooo cute! She'll be giving you LOTS of help with your posts here at TCS!
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Oh Bundy she is just faaaabulous!!!! Absoultely beautiful!! HAve lots of fun with her and take planty of pics!!!
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Finally, I was starting to worry when there was no news... Now you can finally settle down with your extended family!

Wow, and she's already sleeping on your lap..she's fitting in great! It should be very interesting seeing the cat interactions in your household! Seeing how Nakita flies through the house I don't know how you can take on another cat! I'm left exhausted trying to keep Nakita out of everything!

Best of luck! And adymarie....ummmm....I think I should be the one to go to help Bundy since I already have experience with a Russian Blue...so...ummm...TCS members, please redirect your Russian Blue - Australian Flight donations to me.


Thank you!

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Kassandra - you have Russian Blue experience, but I have multiple cat experience - I know - if we raise enough money - we can both go!
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Oh my goodness, she's a little sweetie! I can see why you were so anxious to get her.
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Tatyana is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!
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So the baby's finally here! Well, she was worth waiting for, wasn't she? Ady, you could hide me in the luggage compartment, couldn't you? The pictures are wonderful, Bundy.
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She is really beatiful.

I would watch out for everyone attempting to head out and see they may accidently place her in their luggage on the way back

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She really is gorgeous. I can see why you were so excited. I can't imagine that many young cats in the house. Do you get any sleep?
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I'm jealous.... I want another kitten!!!!

She's beautiful!
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OMG!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE the pictures! I was just asking in another thread where the pics were, and I hadn't seen this thread yet!!!! WOW!!! Congrats on such an adorable new furbaby!!!!
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Just dropped by to check because I remembered that you were getting her Friday. She is such a precious wee one. Beautiful is an overworked word at times but she is beautiful and regal and also such a sweet baby. Lucky you sweetling.
Blessed Be.
Hugs, Dee
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy
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Tatyana is a gorgeous kitten...and even more beautiful in person (if that's possible)!
Thanks for having us over at your place Leslie. We had a wonderful time
Here's some more pictures that we took...hehe
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What a cutey!
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I think we wore her out...lol
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T is such a beauty!!!!
And....I think that I should be the one to fly over there and help! After all I am older than dirt!
Leslie she is truly magnificant. I wish you countless happy years together!
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Originally posted by Debra Meyers
And....I think that I should be the one to fly over there and help! After all I am older than dirt!
... And being older than dirt is a good reason??????????????????????????
Actually Debra, I have a MUCH BETTER reason...it's already getting too darn COLD
where I live and it's SUMMER over there!!!!!
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