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8 week old Baja tackles the Matrix

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How adorable! He looks like he's dancing!
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OMG What Great pics
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And WHERE was the WARNING???

I love kitten action shots...the look of concentration...the CUTENESS!!!
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Nial I just love your kitties! They are just wonderful!
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*Runs in, grabs the baby bengal and runs out, cackling madly.*

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I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those are just so cute!!!!
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so little...but already has a student
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MORE MORE MORE such a cutie
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Wow, how are you setting your camera to get those shots? I can barely get shots of Reeses before she lands
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Awwwww!! Thats all I think I can say!!
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Wow! Your pics are always so awesome!
And Baja is way cuter than Keanu!
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Wow! Look at that little cutie go! He will be putting the grown kitties to shame pretty soon.
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I love how his little toes are outstretched in every photo!!! So cute!
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Carrie Anne Moss, watch out!!!!
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another fainting spell from the cuteness!! that has got to be the most cutest Matrix ever!!
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
And WHERE was the WARNING???

oh my what a sweetie - mind you see those nails out ready for action

great shots as per
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Those are some great shots!! I just want to reach out and cuddle Baja, so adorable!!
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I love those shots!!! I see them every night I just can't catch them with the camera!
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omg Nial, those are SO cute!!! Do you ever get shots of them sitting still??? It seems your bengals are SO wild, they are always in the air.....wait a second.....are the part bird???
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Have you considered entering him in "Dancing with the Stars"? What a cutie.
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You guys start them training early, huh?
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OMG What a sweetie!!!!!

I am going to discuss getting a Bengal kitten with my husband right now...
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Aww...look at them!

You always take the best pictures of your gorgeous babies!
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Awww he's SO cute!! Love your action shots!
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That is just the cutest thing!
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That is so funny. I saw the other matrix thread and could not stop giggling. FOr 8 weeks I think it was a great job
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