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Need Job Advice From My New Friends On The Catsite!!!

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Hello Everyone...

I am Toomany (Debbie) with the 16 cats and I have posted regarding P.J. and Caboose since I came back to the forum a month ago.

I would sincerely like a little advice and will pour it all out now.

I am 63 years old and on early retirement....but cannot do it much longer.
I am COMPLETELY worn out from being a paralegal for the last 30 years and the thought of going back to the legal field makes me want to have a nervous breakdown now!!!

Is anyone out there semi-retired? I need advice on some type of job I could get, part time, where I would not have as much "brain" stress as being a paralegal.

Of course, I can only make a certain amount with social security, but could handle it if I could find something that I would enjoy.

My only problem is that I have a bad back and that would eliminate standing in WalMart or KMart greeting people. I actually look younger than I am (so THEY tell me) and have a "people loving" personality.

I am going to have to start looking soon as I am going through my savings and do not have any other retirement put away, as I never married and could very seldom save....especially taking care of the kitties.

As I have said...I do NOT bring in any more kitties...but...need to take care of all these old guys now.

I thought maybe some of you could give me some ideas.....I am wondering if many jobs out there, such as Blockbuster and other popular places, such as the grocery stores, do not need to advertise.

Any ideas or suggestions would help, as I am getting nervous now.

Gee...I feel rather silly writing all this...but....know all you friends out there will have ideas.

Thanks in advance.....

Toomany (Deb)
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Would you like to work in a bookstore? That's the first thought that came to me. You wouldn't have to do a lot of standing and you can still greet people and talk with them. Plus, if you love to read then there's the added bonus of being able to check out new books.

I don't think grocery stores advertise too much, at least not the ones around here. You could always go out and apply at places and just explain to them your situation.

That's all the advice I have for now... sorry it isn't a lot!
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My dream job for retirement would be working in a garden centre or a craft shop! Both intense interests of mine - or volunteering at the local Humane Society.
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
My dream job for retirement would be working in a garden centre or a craft shop! Both intense interests of mine - or volunteering at the local Humane Society.

Can't believe how helpful you guys are.....already two responses and very good ideas.

HOWEVER....believe it or not....with 16 cats, 1 doggie and an outside "friendly squirrel"....I could not possible work at the Humane Society or an animal tears me apart when they put them down.

And....I can't afford to volunteer...NEED MONEY FOR MY BABIES!!!!


Please keep those ideas...I am already feeling less depressed!!!
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No advice, things are so different in the UK that any advice I had to offer would probably be useless, but I wish you luck.
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How about a fabric shop??? Customer service rep for local newspaper? Hostess at a restaurant?? Office work at local tech school or community college? If you are willing to work weekends lots of places should hire you as they cannot discriminate due to your age.
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More ideas?? Isn't Jacksonville home of a college-go to their website fr job openings I'm sure they have alot!!
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What about pet-sitting? The kind where you just go to their home a couple times a day to feed, play, etc? Sorry thats all I can think of right now..
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I so completely understand what you mean! Nothing on earth could induce me to subject myself to the kind of pressure I lived with for 18 years in my old job.

But I don't think you have to go to the opposite extreme, either. Maybe you should start by thinking about where you would enjoy working -- and I doubt Wal-Mart and Blockbuster are on that list!

As a former paralegal, you no doubt have excellent organizational abilities, good interpersonal communication skills, and a strong sense of responsibility. That makes you a catch, despite your age!

You say you love people. Well... a field that's growing nationwide, and that I'm sure is especially strong in Florida, is eldercare. Would you enjoy being a program coordinator or concierge, perhaps, with an assisted-living community?

Do you enjoy gardening? Maybe you could work for a florist, or take over the floral department at a nearby grocery.

If you're into crafts at all, maybe you could teach classes or manage a department at a craft store.

If you go to a synagogue or church or temple, maybe they have a need for someone in their office or their daycare center.

What about a job at the library as a researcher? You're ideally qualified!

What I'm getting at is that it would be a shame to waste the brainpower you obviously possess on a job that doesn't put it to good use. Don't sell yourself short!


Edit: Ha! LokisMum beat me to the garden and craft ideas, I see! I guess a lot of us Cat People are into those things.
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How about being a receptionist? As you are attractive, and great with people, you'd be great! Also, you will need typing/computer skills, which, I assume, if you were a paralegal, you have. Also, if you have these skills, consider being a library assistant. Some of those jobs are clerical--they're not always shelving books, or pushing book carts around, or standing. Most are part-time.

Have you any crafting skills, such as floral arranging? If so, see if a florist can use help. However, florists always seem to be standing whenever I seem them! (Maybe you can sit and work?)

If you can stand to get up very early, how about a paper route--I think you can drive to do this--no bike required!

How about a clerical job at a college (admissions, etc.)?

I think you're WONDERFUL for caring for all of those animals!

Wishing you all the best of luck in your search,
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Maybe check with a temp agency. It could give you a variety.
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Other members made great suggestions. I think you could get a decent, fun job (like being a receptionist, or going to a temp agency) given your background and situation.

Just to answer your question, yes... places like Blockbuster do not usually post their job openings. Most low-wage hourly jobs do not advertise their job openings because of the high turnover rate. I suggest walking in to any place that you think might be fun to work at and going for it. Good luck!
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With 30 years experience as a paralegal, you should be able to get something as an administrative assistant. I agree with the suggestion that you go talk to a temp agency there are probably quite a few jobs you could fit right into.

Another job you might consider is Police Dispatcher, the pay and benefits are pretty good so you might be able to forgo the Social Security for a while.
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