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Getting worse...another spot

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Just in case anyone wants to look at the history of the discussion on here is a link to the last thread about this: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=118712

...and it has gotten worse. Another spot developed on his right shoulder. I caught it before all the hair fell off of the spot but the hair was thinning and the skin is red with blood. I started putting the Panalog cream on it that the 2nd vet that I went to gave me. The cream seems to be slowing the progress of the spot but not stopping/healing it. The spot on his head is not completely healed yet either. It still has a scab on it that seems to be about ready to fall off though. I'm getting very frustrated with this.

The first vet (Petsmart Banfield that I didn't like because he didn't seem to want to take the time to find out what was wrong when I went and only did a ringworm culture that cost me $40 and could've been discounted with a blacklight instantly), offered to waive the office call fee if I wanted to come back in to do a skin scraping and get a cortisone (sp?) shot. Do you think I should just go back to him and get the skin scraping and cortisone shot done to see if that turns up anything? Or, should I take my chances on another vet that might just try to rip me off and not really do anything? The 2nd vet didn't do any tests either.

Again, if anyone knows a good Indianapolis, IN, USA vet, please let me know.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the new spot on his shoulder is about the size of a half dollar...much bigger than the first 2 spots.
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First off I would highly recommend against ANY Banfield vet.

Can you go to a dermatologist in your area? If you don't have one near you, at least get a second opinion

Just a quick search online came up with a couple of places that have dermatology services and/or can give referrals - but your vet should be able to give you a referral anyways - but then, being Banfield, they aren't very helpful.

I hope you can get it worked out. I am confident if you went to a vet that specializes more in dermatology, you would have an answer and a treatment plan pretty quick! Good luck and I hope he feels better soon!!
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You can search for vets here: http://www.pets911.com/services/veterinarians/index.php

Type in your zipcode - many vets have websites. We found our vet because they had a great website - and it turns out, they're great! You can also call and chat to the receptionist about the problem - and based on how he/she treats you, you can decide whether to go or not.

If you can't find a specialist in dermatology, I'd at least look for a vet that works only with cats (if there is one).

It could be an allergy? If so, a shot of cortisone would help. But I'd look for a new vet. You need to find someone you like, that cares, and that will take the time to do the right thing(s). Finding the right vet saved our cat's life - and you never know when you'll need that. Better to find the right vet when it isn't life-threatening.

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