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Lost My Cat... What do I do?

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My 8 month old Orange Male Tabby went missing on Thursday night, 3/15/07. We are so devastated. We have asked almost all our neighbors in our apartment building (some do not answer their door). We have put up signs (most have already been yanked down ). I have tried putting some familiar items outside my door in case he comes back and doesn't know which is our door. Not trying be pessimistic, I don't think I'm going to be seeing him again...

For those of you who have lost your cat, did you find them?

For anyone in the Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley area), please keep a lookout:
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Oh bless you - I can't think of any words to say to make this better for you, but positive thoughts and are going out to your for your boys' safe return home
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Aww, I Know how you feel, my little kitty just recently went missing. Its heartbreaking. I do hope he returns home, or someone finds him and brings him home to you.
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I don't know about losing a pet inside an apartment building - my first guess would be that someone took him in, especially if your signs are getting yanked down.

However, my Ginger got out once by falling through a screen, and she was missing outside for 10 hours. I found this website to have LOTS of great info:

Good luck, many vibes that you find your handsome baby!
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Taking a flashlight out and looking at night is a good way if he is hiding nearby. The flashlight will give you the reflection and make his eyes "glow" and might help you spot him if he's hiding in some bushes or under a porch or something nearby.

Good luck, I really hope you find your boy soon.
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I was thinking the exact same thing with the flashlight. Unfortunately no luck. We even went outside with a laser pointer (his absolute favorite toy. Our neighbors must have thought we were nuts if they saw us) but no luck either.

Thank you everyone for the kind thoughts.
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Oh no!! I will kep my (fingers and toes) crossed for you!! I know how frightening it can be to lose a cat.

I would say if your signs are getting tore down, somebody knows something.

(((PLEASE come home soon kitty)))

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Thank you for the good thoughts

Thank you for the website too, and I've been reading other websites as well. Unfortunately most the suggestions I can't do due to me living in an apartment building. I can't put traps and things like that on private property.

As for the signs being taken down, I believe that its the maintenance staff taking them down. If its someone who *knows* something about my missing cat and taking it down on purpose.... that is just really low. But I would hope someone in my building is not stupid enough to steal a cat from someone in the same building. I mean, I would bound to see my cat in the window right?

What I've done so far was put up signs on poles near the streets. I also left some canned food (they smell the strongest) and some cat litter near my car, hoping that he'll recognize the scent.

I really wish I lived at a house right now. I think I would have much better luck.
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I hope you find your kitty soon. Have you contacted management yet? I would give them a call (unless they don't know you have a cat and should have told them).

What about going outside with a can of food? Treats? Does your cat have a favorite toy that makes a noise that would be familar?

I wish you luck.
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use dry dog food not canned food
leave a trail of soiled cat litter to your front door
go get a hair cut and ask the gal to give yo the clippings uset hast to leave a trail
if you safely can leave open the way the cat got out, they always retrace their steps to get back in

sory about my typeing not up to snuff rithhe now
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Originally Posted by hissy View Post
use dry dog food not canned food
why is that?
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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
why is that?
I was wondering the samething. I figured cats would smell the can food more than the dry food.
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I hope your kitty comes home soon, I am sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for you and for him. Please keep us updated on him.

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I called the apartment manager today to ask her some questions... she was an awful b****

I said hi and asked her how she was doing. Then I said, "Last week I lost my cat, and--"

She interupted me with "Yes, I heard, I haven't seen it."

I thought that she was so rude, she said it like she was annoyed. So I told her I wanted to put up posters but said that someone's been taking them down. Then she told me she was the one taking them down. I said, "oh, so is it against the rules to put them up?" And she told me that she doesn't know but she took them down because she doesn't know whether the apt owner allows them.

Long story short, she called the owner and then told me I can put them back up.

I don't understand why she couldn't have asked the owner BEFORE taking them down. It would have saved me time, now I need to make new posters.

This morning, the food I left by my car was completely gone. I have a feeling a stray cat ate it and not my cat. But I'm gaining a bit more hope. My boyfriend and I are going to try to buy a humane trap. Like the one shown here:

I'm also going to try to trail of litter and fur like hissy said.

Thank you everyone
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I'm so sorry. Your furbaby is sooo cute! I hope you can find him. If your apt manager is behaving that way, it makes me a little suspcious that she might have him or know of someone who might. Often when I was younger, we had cats that went outside, when they didn't come back, we stayed out to call them, but I don't know if that would work in apt area.
I would also try calling your vet and any area vets to see if they have seen your cat in case someone else does have it. Is your cat microchipped?? Good Luck and keep us posted!
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I'm so sorry about your kitty. I know the feeling. I thought I lost Saki once and it was just the most horrible feeling ever. Your apt mgr is a royal B for sure. She actually sounds alot like mine. Have you tried looking for him in the middle of the night when its super quiet you could open a can of cat food or shake some treats or toys that make noise. Your neighbors will probably hate you but so what, whats more important right. Sometimes they are actually very closeby and just hiding. I dont suppose he was wearing a collar or was microchipped? You can call your local pound daily to see if any cats have been brought in. I hope you find him
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I am still sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi that you find your kitty.

Please keep us posted on him.
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Originally Posted by Duchess15 View Post
I would also try calling your vet and any area vets to see if they have seen your cat in case someone else does have it.
I would call all of the vets in the area and then drop off fliers... you just never know. My first thought on reading that the fliers have been taken down was that someone must have cat-napped your baby. It's sad that that's one of the first things that comes to mind. Where is our world headed?

I'm not feeling reassured by the apartment manager's attitude, and am thinking that maybe she was involved somehow? Does your cat ever go outside of the apartment? Is he noisy? Is there any reason she would want to take him, hide him or give him away to someone outside of the complex?
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Hello everyone, GUESS WHAT? I FOUND HIM!

I really believed that he was stolen too. Because I felt it was unlike him to wander. But I guess that wasn't so. I got a call today from a little girl who said she saw an orange cat. She and 4 other little kids play around a certain area and saw my cat under the apartment complex. When they led me there, I didn't even KNOW that there was an underground! I am kind of beating myself up over that. I can't believe I didn't check there!! My poor baby was starving for a week.

The kids were more excited that they are going to receive the $300 reward money that we offered. It's ok though, I am so grateful nevertheless!

Thank you everyone for your prayers. I am sure they helped him return home
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Oh yeah, no, my cat was not microchipped... but I will do it now! And also a collar would be good.
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I just saw this thread, but congrats on finding your baby!!! How amazing!! I am so glad for you
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Originally Posted by crazyforinfo View Post
I hope you find your kitty soon. Have you contacted management yet? I would give them a call (unless they don't know you have a cat and should have told them).

Definitely find out if management will make some sort of alert or plea for help locating your pet!

It takes perseverance but you can find your lost pet -- there are plenty of people who have lost and then retrieved their pet cats!

Your pessimism leads me to think that you have some specific reason for thinking you won't see your cat again, is that the case?
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I just found this thread again. I am soooooo happy you found your kitty. Did you visit the vet yet for a checkup?
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so sorry to hear about your baby. I know its been 8 days and not to rub it in but hopefully just take as a little getaway and hope for the best. I'm sure it'll back soon. My prayers are with you.
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please get the cat to the vet for bloodwork. very important. dry dog food because it smells stronger than dry cat food.
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