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My man..................

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Sometimes we don't always tell the special people how much we love and appreciate them. DH and I have been going through a rough 6 months financially, (which is why we have had to sell our lovely little house ) and sometimes in moments of stress and worry I think I forget why I married this wonderful man of mine.

He saved me from a disastrous and physically life threatening relationship 9 years ago, and has welcomed my 2 sons as his own. He accepts my cat obsession without question and can turn his hand to cooking, cleaning, ironing and DIY even if I don't ask him. On top of this, he is the most honest, hardworking guy I have ever met, and can still make me smile with just a look.

Recently, things have been really tough, and I guess that at times I have taken him for granted and not been as kind as I should have been - it is easy to become so tied down with stress and worry that you don't see what is right in front of you. I have howled and cried and raged at the unfairness of life, and in return this amazing man has fed the kids and cats, cleaned the house and had a cooked dinner and a glass of wine ready for me at the end of a hard working day.

And I just thought it was time I let the world know how much I appreciate this guy.

Chris - YOU THE MAN!!!

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That is so made me cry Awwwww
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What a lovely sentiment. You and Chris obviously love each other very much.
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He sounds Awesome! You're a lucky girl!
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awww..............he is one special man
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What a lovely tribute! And a beautiful picture of two very happy people. Good for you both!
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That was so sweet!! That photo you can tell you guys are so happy....and make a very cute couple as well.
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aw, congrats on finding one of the good ones!
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This is so touching and beautiful...also made me cry. You are a very lucky couple, to have found one another.

Bless y'all...
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Awww...that is so sweet and wonderful!
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Awww! How sweet is that? Congrats on finding one of the great guys!!
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