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Please Send Out Your Good Thoughts...

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I went to my son's credit union last week to get some info. The lady I spoke to was gorgeous...not in a phat or hawt way...but in a classic way. She reminded me of a walking, talking Mona Lisa...that kind of classic beauty. I was amazed by her. Anyway, as I sat waiting for her to do her thing on the computer, I noticed a collage she had on her credenza...I'm sure those were her kids in the photos. While she was waiting for info to upload, I mentioned the lovely photos & that I too created one with my kids' pics. She shyly handed it over to me to look at. I told her how much her kids look like her in many of the pics. For some reason, this beautiful woman opened up to me about her young son. He's 18 months now and she's very concerned about him because he won't eat solids...just baby food. She says anytime she even tries to offer him any sort of 'people food' (even little bits of Cheerios) soon as the food touches his lips, he gags & sometimes throws up. She's taken him to the doctor and they are not sure what could be causing this. Anyway, when we were done with my transaction, we rose for me to leave, I put out my hand to thank her for her help...I told her I would pray for her son and she thanked me and said many people are praying for him and that's all she has to hold on to. She knows she has to be patient but its so hard.

If y'all remember to, please include this lovely lady (I believe her name was Isabel or maybe Isabella) in your good thoughts & maybe in your prayers today, and her sweet son.

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He'll be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh how sad, I hope they find out what is wrong with her sweet baby...many prayers and good thoughts headed her way
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Aw, that must be tough. Sending vibes for her and her sweet little boy.
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Keeping my fingers crossed that the doctors sort out whatever is wrong
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awe they are in my thoughts in prayers, did she go see a specialist do u know, because my neighbors son is doing that 2 and hes 2 years old and he wont swollow food he will chock on it, its like he doesnt know how to chew and what not so they have been working with a specialist about it! But they are in my thoughts in prayers
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Kind thoughts are going out to this little man. Hilda - you really are a truly good and kind person
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Yes, I will add her and her son to my prayers!
My neice did the same thing until she was 2.Her tongue would even turn black.They found out that she has REALLY bad acid reflux and after meds, she did great.
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Originally Posted by 4BadCats View Post
Kind thoughts are going out to this little man. Hilda - you really are a truly good and kind person

Thank you sweetie...but you know what?...I don't think I've met anyone here at TCS who isn't the same way too! Cat people are just good people I think! Much love to ya for that though!

Thanks y'all for including this sweet lil' one and his mommie in your thoughts today...
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Here comes another helping of prayers. Hope they can find the problem and it's easy to deal with.
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Lots of thoughts and prayers to this woman and her son
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Prayers going up from here, too.
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