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Our Daily Thread for Wednesday April 25th

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Happy Hump day everyone

hope everyones week is going well so far. it's been pretty uneventful for me. the highlight of today will be that we are are making tacos for dinner, (it's one of our favorite things to make)so you know it's slow here.
oh ya bootcamp is on tonight. tacos and bootcamp, a very exciting evening for me.

Rene, hope that phoebe is still feeling better.

Blue, thanks in advance for posting the pictures for me.

Anne, hope that dovik is ok and that the vet didn't find anything wrong with him.

have a great day everyone
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Have a great day! I just posted a thread about our independence day. I'm at my brother-in-law's place in Kibbutz Ortal so I can't post a lot tonight. I'll catch up tomorow.

Missing you all!
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The week is half way done. Hooray

The weather is absolutely fantastic here in Portland. It's been in the upper 70's for the last few days, but they say the rain will be back tomorrow. I can't wait for summer.

Hope everyone's day is going very well!
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Happy Wed everyone!! I am still trying to recoup from yesterday. I went to make the bed and someone had peed, so now I have to figure out who it was and if it is behavioral or an infection. The first step was to put them in groups of 3's in different rooms. This way I can take just 3 to the vet to find out who it is. It took me forever to get everyone settled and the bed cleaned!! Hubby felt so bad for me that he took me to dinner.
I wish the weather here would hold out. It was in the 70's Sun,Mon and Tues and now we are back down to the 50's
Only 2 more days till the weekend!!
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It was a great day for me! Samantha, my computer system, decided to operate properly all day; we, myself and the cats, had a nice nap; I had Chinese food for supper; and the weather was gorgeous.


P.S.: The weather here was much like that in Swalker's report, probably because I live at Portland too.

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Wow Mr. Cat... that's pretty great news. You are the first memeber I am aware of that lives here in Portland. I am sad to see that the sun will be leaving us... but as everyone is saying, WE NEED THE RAIN! I however could live without it. LOL
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Greetings, fellow occupant of The Rose City! I, too, love sunny weather — if I'm out of doors. Here in the dwelling spaces, however, things get a bit too hot during summertime. "Before next summer, I'm going to get an air conditioner," I say each and every summer. Yet no air conditioner appears. Alas, they're much too expensive for my budget! Therefore, cloudy and/or cool weather suits me just fine. Oh, well.


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