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I have to get a root canal. they started today and put in a temporary filling. and I feel like a flippiin' chipmunk. No wonder my tooth was hurting so dang bad. I have 2 more appts. so they can finish it. I cried when I got out of there because I hate going to the dentist and now this. I just cant wait until this is over. I was going to get a salad from Quiznos on Friday, but I don't know if I will be able to eat it and I am not eating any candy so nobody better offer me any!
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Does your dentist offer any sedation or other forms for who are nervous during procedures? I hate the dentist as well, even just cleanings.

Best of luck with it
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So sorry to hear that! I've never had that done before. The worst thing I have ever had done at the dentist is I had my wisdom teeth pulled. I couldn't eat right for two weeks! I could barely open my mouth. It was torture! But it was worth it because now my mouth is normal! I don't like going to the dentist either. But who does?!

Hope everything goes well for you!
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You've undergone the worst of it already so don't fret. I've been through braces, TMJ therapy & wisdom teeth removal - believe me, I'd take a root canal over any of these procedures!
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thanks you all!


I'm sorry, I have gone through the wisdom teeth removal, too and it's the worst pain I have ever felt in my life and sorry you've been through all that.
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Root canals are def. nooo fun...Hope your mouth will start feeling better soon.
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