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Need Some Vibes

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I cut my hand on a broken coffee carafe about a half hour ago. I've been holding pressure and keeping it elevated,but it doesn't want to stop bleeding. Can I have some "stop bleeding" and "not need stitches" vibes please??? It hurts like stink and I'm afraid to look at it, lol!!!
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If it has been bleeding steadily for more than 30 minutes, it is time for a trip to the doctor!

Better safe than sorry - please get to the doc to have a professional take a look at it!
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Ensure that you're putting the cut area above your heart. Even though you're putting pressure on the wound, it won't stop bleeding unless it is physically located above your heart.
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Ohh that doesn't sound good, maybe you need to go to the Doc or hospital.
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Yes, be sure you elevate your hand/arm above your heart level, very important. Have you tried putting an ice pack on it to maybe stop the bleeding? Do you have it bandaged up? If it doesn't get better soon, please go see a professional about it right away!

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I hope your hand is doing much better
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Oh no! Ouch! That sounds painful.........I'm a couple of days late on this thread so I hope you're doing better by now !
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