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Cat jacket / harness

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We're getting two Maine Coon kittens soon, and because we live quite near a busy road, I'm keen to see if they will adjust to being indoor cats, and I am keen to try them on a harness.

My question is how to cope with training two cats. Should I shut one in a room while I introduce the other to the harness, or might this distress them more than having one cat 'laughing' at the other? Should I buy two harnesses and get them both kitted out together? Should I walk them together or separately?

Also, I've heard good things about the walking jacket as opposed to the traditional types of harness (see www.catwalkingjacket.com). Has anyone used this type?

Thanks for any comments/advice. You're all so knowledgeable and I'm just starting to learn!
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OK So I've never SEEN one of those cat walking jacket's before- but I've ALWAYS wished they invented them. I went and looked at the website- it's pretty cool! I wonder where you can buy them in the US though because the website is based in Australia.... COOL!!!
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There are no suppliers of them in the UK either, but I emailed them and they said they could send them direct. They are more expensive than harnesses anyway, but the extra shipping cost was not prohibitive. So I'm sure they could send them to the US too if they don't have a supplier there already.

I still have to decide whether to get one or two, and whether to go for the normal size or large. Our Maine Coons may well grow pretty large, but not for a while, and I want to get the harness thing licked while they are young and impressionable!
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The walking jacket looks great. I had a harness for Chloe,when she was small and as you can see she didn't mind at all.
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Oh, how cute she looks! I'm sure it's best to introduce it when they're still young.
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Here is one based out of California. zNever tried them just found this while surfing.
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They look identical to the ones from Australia. I hope someone on these forums has tried the cat jacket and can share their experience.

But I'm going to go for it anyway, and just order one and see how it goes. I'll let you know how I get on!
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I have both sugar and spice in a harness 24/7. They do not mind them at all. When I got them both (on the same day) they were 7 months old, I got seperate harnesses for each cat. They have no problem being in one, nad were in them full time after the first week. I have trained a cat to use a harness and walk on one up to 4 yrs of age. The older they are the longer it will take to train them. If you decide to use a harness, put it on for sort periods of time at the beginning, and gradually increase the length of time it is on. Also try to get them eating their regular food in it as fast as possible, nad even treats. They will find out that they are not restricted in and way very fast.
I live on a busy street on the ground floor of an apartment building, and when I was looking for a cat, and even in the adoption process I made no bones that I would take the cats outside, even on the balcony. And if I did, then they would be in a harness and on a leash as well. I also told them that I would take them for a walk as well. I was greeted with enthusiam on this, and was welcomed and encouraged to try.
Best of luck on this, let us know how it goes.
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