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Food Advice please!!

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I have a little kitty called Alan who is six months old. I saw him in a rescue centre and decided he was the one for me. The rescue centre wanted to keep him for a few days as they were going to neuter him before he came home. Sadly, all the kitties in the centre got cat flu and Alan was one of them. He was quite ill so I decided to bring him home to get him better and he is a lot better, although having a check-up on Friday. As he was on tablets I grind down the tablet and put in a little bit of tuna in spring water and after that give him his Royal Canin kitten dry food. I do that in the morning at nine and again at four and he has a little supper of a tiny handful of dry food. Is this an okay diet? He is eating well and soon finishes his anti-biotics so won't have to give him the tuna all the time. He is growing quite quickly but not fat at all!!! Is the tuna okay? Has turned tablet time into his favorite time of the day!!!!
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The tuna is a great way to give tablets! Tuna for human consumption is not good for everyday feeding in the long term though, as it unfortunately contains mercury which can build up in the system and is toxic over a period of time, and does not contain all the essential vitamins and minerals a cat needs.

Once the course of tablets is finished I would just feed tuna occasionally as a treat, maybe once every couple of weeks.

You can also get tins of tuna specially formulated for cats, these have the added essential vitamins and minerals. If you have a big Tesco nearby, have a look in the pet food aisle, they do an own brand one in a little tin, it's fairly expensive but as an occasional treat is more nutritionally balanced than your ordinary John West type of tuna

ETA: I didn't answer the whole question! The Royal Canin food is a good quality dry. I like to feed both wet and dry, wet in the morning and evening when I'm at home, and a bowl of dry left out during the day and at night. James Wellbeloved is another good quality dry food. For wet food, look out for Hi-Life and Nature's Menu, both have a high named meat meat content (60% and 70% respectively). Those wet foods are available in Tescos and Pets at Home. And if you ever order online, I recommend Zooplus, they carry a wide range of foods, not all of them good, but ones to look out for are Almo Nature and Cosma. They also sell Bozita which is a great cheaper food with high meat content and no additives (other than vits and minerals)
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Thanks so much for your help. My kitty is now enjoying the Hi-Life and Natures Menu wet food along with the Royal Canin dry food. He also has some of the kitty tuna for a treat once in a while! I really appreciate your help as I really wouldn't have known where to look or what to look out for but now I am so much more aware!! Feel good that I am feeding Al a good diet. Thanks again x
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take him off tuna if you can. mercury and mineral poison is of grave concern for small kittens. instead try cream cheese, liver sausage spread or spray cheese if available.
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