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Need help finding a home for a diabetic cat!

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I had to go and open my big mouth again... I was at work (I work at a vet's office) and a woman brought in her 7 year old cat the was going to be put down if no one would take her (she could not afford the insulin)... before I knew what I was saying, the words "I'll take care of her until she can find her forever home" came out of my mouth... The problem is I can't find anyone willing to take in this sweet little girl. I was hoping someone here could take her or knew someone who could give her a forever home... I live in florida and would be willing to drive her anywhere in the state of florida to give her a good home...

Let me give you a little info about her...
She is a spayed female. She is 7 years old. She is negative for FeLV and FIV. She is the SWEETEST little black and white girl you ever did want to meet. She has now been started on PZI insuln. We are still working on regulating her though. She's up to 2 units once a day and she is getting her blood glucose rechecked tommorrow to see if we are starting to get it under control. Her name is Skylar...

I really need help finding her a home. I currently have a total of 9 cats living at my house (including her and another foster) I just cant find anyone who is willing to care for a diabetic kitty. I cant keep her (I have WAYYY too many as it is). Please help! she is a very sweet and loving cat who only want you to love on her. When I walk into the room, all she does is cry for attention.

Please help me find this sweet girl a home!
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awww I would but I live in Iowa. Sending lots of forever home vibes. good luck!
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Have you called any rescue groups in the area to see if they have any voulnteer's that could take her, or other vet techs in your area? Another idea is to foster her through a rescue group who can post her on pet finder.
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There are so few No kill shelters in my area... the one that I know and trust only takes in strays... they will not make any exceptions. The other one I know of... well lets just say they aren't that reputable. Every other shelter I know of will put her down... I just cant let that happen to her.. She's only 7 years old Does anyone know of any site that I can put her on? Does Petfinder have a place for animals that aren't in shelters?
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I'm not sure if they do or not, but try to look around. I think they might have a section.
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This is truly upsetting to hear. I treated a diabetic cat for 2 years and lost him to cancer in the end. It would cost more for euthanasia than for insulin. PZI is about $80.00 and will last probably a year depending on how much the cat needs.

I'm sorry, I'm just venting. When we have pets, we need to care for them for life. Would you not treat a diabetic child.

Good luck finding a home for this sweet baby.
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The vet I work for sells PZI for 55.00 dollars... the cost to put a cat down and cremation is about... 100 dollars. I think she didn't want to be bothered by it...
post #8 of 15 does have a classified section for people rehoming to post, but I would check to see if any shelters or rescues would be willing to courtesy post for you as well since those animals don’t pop up in the main search engine.

I also have run into a few sites in the past that help clinics and shelters with adopting out disabled or special needs animals by listing their animals on the site so they get more exposure. Might be worth a try.
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I am sending hugs and prayers for you from Mississippi, I hope you find this sweet girl a home soon.

Please keep us posted on her.
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So we checked her blood glucose today. Still 443.... We're going to up it to 2 units twice daily. The vet is a little concerned though.. she's afraid that she isn't responding to the PZI insulin and that we my have to try and change insulins if this doesn't work... Things can never be simple for me...

Does anyone have a diabetic cat? I have never owned on before... I mean I know the basic idea... but how long does it usually take to regulate a cat? I just want to make her feel better but it doesn't seem to be doing much for her...
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Sending more hugs and prayers for Skylar, I hope she starts to do better soon.

Please keep us posted on how she is doing.
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Yesterday I noticed that Skylar wasn't acting like herself... She just seemed a little off. I gave her, her insulin at around 8 and she was still acting a little off but nothing that really worried me. As the night progressed she started acting really lethagic. She was just laying there next to her water bowl. she could hardly stand. I gave her a can of food which she gobbled down thinking that maybe her blood glucose was low. At around 11:30 she still wasn't herself. She wouldn't move unless i made her. So I took her down to the clinic I work at and checked her blood glucose. It wasn't low, it was too high for the machine to read it. So I called one of the vets and they told me to give her 3 more units of insulin. BY now, its 12:30 at night....
This morning she seems better. she's up and moving. Shes still a little lethargic though. She's coming in with me to work this morning to check her glucose before I go ahead and give her, her morning dose.
What a LONG night...
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Thank you for taking care of Skylar. She's beautiful. I hope her health continues to improve and that you can find a home for her. And I hope you can get some rest soon.
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we checked her blood glucose this morning before giving her insulin. It was 461. We decided to give her 4 units of the PZI insulin. Its now down to 379. Its the first time we've gotten her down below 400. Were going to check it once more today and then decide what new dose to start her at. It looks like its going to be around 5 units twice daily. I didn't realize how much this was going to cost. I know where my income tax check is going to go.

At least were finally making progress. Were getting a lot closer to regulating her now and thats a big relief. Last night was a little scary. I've never had a diabetic cat before and to see her just laying there like that, is what scared me. she couldn't even stand up on her own. Normally she runs up to me crying for attention. I knew that something wasn't right with her. Thank god I work at a vets office...

Hopefully I can find her a home soon. No one seems to want the responsability of caring for a diabetic cat... If they only knew what a sweetheart she is...
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...sigh.... Skylar's story is truly upsetting! I can't afford her, are no where near you, & wouldn't know how to care for her. But, I'd be willing to learn if I couldn't afforded to keep her. I really hope you can find a good home for her! I would look into listing her a courtesy posting on Petfinder through a rescue group!
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