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Feed Back on LITTER KWITTER please.

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I am thinking of to try the LITTER KWITTER because I can do back and forth with the heaver weight rings. (my kitties do not like water) I heard that in a couple months that there will be addition rings that can be added for houses with multiple cats. Plus I figure I can pass it on to a friend to try too (other systems I have seen you have to cut out the center). I have one on the other one that is light plastic but my cats will not stand on it.

Does anyone have any tips on this system?
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No personal experience, but my breeder uses it with all her cats and kittens. I won't be continuing my kittens training though. It's meant to be better than some of the other toilet training systems.
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No experience either with the litter kwitter but do not buy the CitiKitty brand. That one is a real piece of junk! Cheap thin plastic that doesn't even fit well on the toilet, not to mention it's not even stable for my cats that weighted 7 and 9 pounds back then. I was never for the toilet training but my bf insisted on trying it. Of course, it was back to the litterbox within a week.
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Hi all, just reviving this thread as I'm thinking of buying one of these, my main question is: is it awkward to put in and out of the toilet (we only have one bathroom!) and my DH (is that the correct 'catsite' word for husband?) would like to know if it's messy?

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Despite my answer above from 2 years ago I did end up getting one and trained all the cats. It is very easy to put on and take off the loo, you just have the seats up and the LK sits on top.
It only took about 12 weeks to train my cats, then it's back to the regular toilet seat.

If you've ever seen a childs potty seat that fits on a regular toilet, it's kinda like that.
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Thanks for the reply, think I might give it a go. Would be so good to get rid of the trays
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