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RIP Carrot 3/16/07

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TJ was owned by a very special kitty named Carrot. He was found at a meer 7 weeks old on the steps of a college, and TJ took him in. On the 16th, just shortly after his 4th birthday, Carrot became sick. He was taken to the vet and it was determined there was a blockage in his bladder and after speaking with the vet, Carrot was PTS. TJ is heartbroken. I just wanted to post this, and get some well wishes and prayers for a speedy venture to the Bridge for Carrot, and some thoughts for TJ I could pass along to let him know there are people out there that understand his pain. RIP sweet Carrot. Your Daddy misses you and loves you so much.

"You loved that spot so much that you lived up there!!! I didn't mind though, I loved to see you sleep on my computer. You were the cutest cat I had ever seen when you sleep. You would get these asian looking eyes, I couldn't help but love!"
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Oh my, what a little sweetie
Please let TJ know that theres tons of love and hugs whizzing his from from TCS

RIP Precious Carrot, run over the Bridge your new fur-family are waiting to meet you

look down now and then, your daddy loves & misses you so
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I'm so sorry for your loss. What a sweet little boy Carrot was. I know how much he will be missed.

Rest in peace sweetie, and play happily over the bridge.
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Please let TJ know I'm so sorry for the loss.
4 is far too young!!!
RIP sweet Carrot, forever young & healthy over the bridge.
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I am so sorry to hear this Alicia, please let TJ know that I am sending him some hugs and prayers from Mississippi. Please tell him that Carrot is now healthy again and he is over at the Bridge playing with all the other special kitties that are there.

You are a good friend for doing this for TJ too.

RIP Carrot

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I think we all know how heartbreaking it is to lose a special friend. Carrot was so lucky to have you, TJ, and our hearts and thoughts go with you both now.
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Oh look at the gorgeous little muffin as well

I hope TJ's heart heals soon, and please let him know that were all thinking of him at this sad time

Play happily at the bridge Carrot, by now you'll have made lots of new friends there to play with so have fun

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TJ I am sorry for your loss. I to have recently lost a loved pet. Hope you have faith and comfort knowing your pet is now happy, healthy, and playing at Rainbow Bridge.
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I am so sorry for your loss Carrot was an aborable cat and I know he must of been loved by many and TJ you are in our thoughts and hugs sent your way.
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Perched high upon God's computer Carrot will always be looking down waiting for
his savior and friend, TJ.
Peace be upon your heart TJ, Pain is a enduring reminder of how much Carrot ment to you. It will be suddenly when the pain is gone and only the smiles of happy memories will remain.

RIP little furchild.
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Oh poor sweet little Carrot! God speed your journey to the Rainbow Bridge! Rest peacefully, little one!
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Carrot was absolutely gorgeous. Please tell TJ I am thinking of him and I send my condolences. Run free and happy at the Rainbow Bridge Carrot.

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Rest in peace Carrot, play and be happy at the bridge.
but dont forget to check in on your humans sometimes.
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RIP Carrot, Play happily over the bridge.
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RIP Carrot
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what a pretty cat Carrot is! please send TJ from me, too...
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