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Stray, roundworms, quarantine how long?

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I have tried to do a search, I've found a lot of good info., and I apologize if this specific topic has been covered before but any advice is appreciated. Basically how long should a new cat be isolated in this situation:

We already had one cat named Mia, everythings fine with her, regular vet care and on revolution etc. A little over 3 weeks ago we took in a very sweet stray (now named Pema) took her to the vet and everything looked good except they found that she had a roundworm infestation. She has just had her second does of Drontal, 3 weeks after the first. I have kept her in the utility/laundry room (which is big and heated/comfortable), the vets original suggestion was 2 weeks but I wanted to make sure she got the second dose in before I let her mix with Mia in the main part of the house. Mia is an indoor cat and Pema will now be strictly indoors.

I still have one more fecal to go in 2 weeks to make sure the worms are gone. I hate to leave her in there for that long. The vet said that as long as the cats aren't eating each others feces it's fine, but some other articles I've read have mentioned it can pass just by sharing the litter box, for example stepping on feces accidentally and licking paw. It's so hard not read stuff on the internet and not get a bit too freaked out. I have two children 4yrs and 18 months. My daughter is always sticking her hands in her mouth and I have also read some scary stuff about kids and round worm.

At this point is it ok to start letting her out of "quarantine"? Or do I need to wait until the final fecal all clear to be on the safe side? Am I being overly cautious?

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I think there's nothing wrong with erring on the side of caution, to a point. If you feel more comfortable waiting until after the next test, then I would do that.

You are correct, roundworms can be spread by litterbox sharing. However, I've taken in a lot of wormy kittens and haven't had a problem with my existing cats over the years. Frequent scooping & litter changing helps.

Welcome to TCS.
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