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Your furbabies birthdays

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I just wondered how many of us actually know the exact date of our babies or rounds it off or just makes a random special day for them? We were probably a few weeks short for Jasmine, so we pretty much have her age down. Charlie is actually a month or so older than we make him, as it was close to my birthday, so i made it that we share the same day together

How about yours?
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I am not exactly sure when my cat's birthdays are so I just celebrate their "gotcha" days as their birthdays. I am not even sure when Miagi's "gotcha" day is, though.

my dogs birthdays are :

Jenny - rottie/yellow lab mix - April 7th, 1998

Rocky - black lab mix - November 1st, 1996

Buster - coonhound mix - January 10th, 2004

Ginger - corgi (?) mix - sometime in June or July and she's 7 years old.
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I know Cleo's and Maggie's birthdays, because it was on their cages at the animal shelter.

Cleo - May 27th, 2000
Maggie - May 2nd, 2001

Lola was dropped off at my vet's clinic, in a cat carrier near the end of September. My vet estimated she was approximately 6 months old, since she had most, but not all, of her adult teeth. I gave her my Mom's birthday, of May 10th, 2003.
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Tiger's is March 17th 2005... St Patty's Day

And the Cat Brats are Sept. 13th 2006
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Radar was born into a loving family home and Sonic came from a siamese/oriental breeder, so I know their exact birthdays.

Radar is 11th May, and Sonic is 1st November - both born in 2006.
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Since Topaz was a stray, we just celebrate her gotcha day, but I know exactly when Aristotle was born - date, time, and that he was breech!
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Freddie and Ripley were born on 16th August 2005. They came from a breeder so we know the exact date.

On their first birthday we bought them birthday cards and presents - visitors thought we were mad.

Planning to do the same for birthday #2!

My sister lit a candle and put it in her cat's dry food bowl on his birthday. He didn't know WHAT was going on haha.
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Ling's is either May 25 or 28th, 2005 - I've got it written down

Charlie's is August 31, 2006

Keno's is Sept 1, 2002 - but her's is guessing - we got her from rescue and from their estimate of age, we figured it out to being born sometime in Sept - the 1st is easy to remember
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I'm estrimating that Quill's B-day is sometime in October of 2005. But I'm planning a little Gotcha Day Celebration on April 2nd.
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Eh. I have no idea!

Raphael was born Fall 1998 (most likely in late Sept/Early Oct). He was an older kitten when they found him, about 7-9 months old.

Leo was born mid-2001 according to the SPCA and his vet.

And Gracie...I've had like 3 different people tell me three different things. she's 2-3.
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Trouts is September 15th, 2004. That is what shows up on her little birth certificate
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I'd have to go digging through vet records upstairs.

I do know Spaz's BD.
Bear we know was born in March, so we gave him St. Paddy's Day
Shadow, Vash, Trouble and Ivory were all born at our Vet clinic to feral/stray mothers.
Cassi was born in a managed feral colony and the caretaker knew the week they were born, so her vet just assigned a day from that week.

My parrot was hatched in March, and I do have his hatch date around here somewhere.
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Since Katie was rescued by someone else as a tiny kitten and Gracie, Peter and Claire were born feral, I'm not sure of their exact birthdates. I do know their approximate ages at the time I adopted them, so that's what we go by.
Katie's is June 2, 1993, Gracie's is May 8, 1999, Peter and Claire's is July 29, 2004.
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Harley's is June 18, 2005
Davidson is May 15, 2006
Bayley is April 30, 2006
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I don't know the exact date of any of my girls, but we got all of them when they were merely weeks old. Misty and Claire were only 3 1/2 weeks old when we got them and Pepper was 4 weeks when she came to the shelter (we got her 3 weeks later as a foster). I just subtracted and gave them a day from that week.

Misty and Claire August 20, 2005
Pepper December 1, 2006

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Max and Paddy (RIP) were born on 16th June 2005
Ben was born on 23rd June 2005
Melchett was (we believe) 6 or 7 when we got him, so we don't know his exact age, but we got him on 15th April 2000
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I don't know the exact date for Diesel but we celebrate on the 19th of June. Tucker came from a breeder and his birthday is Sept 17th. They were both born in 2006
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Bella is September 19, 1993, even though she is no longer here, this will always be a special day of celebration for us.

Sophia, February 4, 1999

Severino, February 7, 2003

Joey was a stray so we aren't sure exactly so he celebrates with me June 3. He was born in 2004

Lucia Bella was born January 1, 2007
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Milo was born sometime in August of 2004, so I just say its my birthday on the 6th and Zebra was born in April of 2005, and I just say it was April 1. We got her in the middle of May and she was 6 weeks old, so April 1 sounded good.
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Oops i didnt put down age. Charlie was born in 1999. Jasmine 2005 and cleo hits her first birthday in a month or two..yay!!
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I know Rockets exact date is Sept 7th 1999. We got him at a cat show from a breeder.
Twig we got when he was about 6 weeks old and so I went back 6 weeks, and estimated his birthday to be somewhere around April 10th 1999. We got him from Brads cousin (who's not the brightest crayon in the box unfortunately)
Isis and Luna well,we have no idea how old they are exactly, so since he vet estimated them at a year each we just gave them the a day in the month that we brought them inside. Isis is Aug 8th 1999, and Luna is Dec 18th 1999, Neffie, they said, was 7 years old this year also so since she has no birthday, since they arent sure exactly when she was born, I've decided to give her our anniversary date as her birthday June 5th.
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Viola's birthday is this Friday March 23th. She will be 4 yrs old. She was born in the bathroom of the woman I got her from. Natasha is sometime in March so I just call them Irish twins (one year apart) She will be 3 yrs old but I've only had her for 18 months.
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Scratch's birthday is somewhere in summer 2001, we got her on September 21 2001. Squee's birthday is probably in October, although I could just call the lady that fostered her and ask her when it is. ETA: We adopted Squee on December 2 2006.
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